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Conformable ultrasound breast patch

2023 | Canan Dagdeviren with Colin Marcus, Md Osman Goni Nayeem, and Lara Ozkan Active A wearable device that could allow detection of early-stage breast cancer and increase survival rates.

ImmunoGel to treat immunotherapy-resistant cancer

2023 | Giovanni Traverso with Avik Som, Jan-Georg Rosenboom and Eric Wehrenberg Active A polymeric drug delivery platform to allow controlled and extended drug release.

Mucin glycan-derived therapeutics for infectious vaginitis

2023 | Katharina Ribbeck with Kelsey Wheeler, Liubov Yakovlieva and Caroline Mitchell Active A mucin-inspired technology that would deliver infection-fighting sugars to treat and prevent infectious vaginitis, and ease discomfort.

Nanoporous atomically thin membranes for solvent waste recycling

2023 | Rohit Karnik with Aaron Persad, Lohyun Kim and Simar Mattewal Active This team is developing a nanoporous, atomically thin membrane for separating the most commonly used industrial solvents.

Stoma patency device for hydrocephalus treatment

2023 | Ellen Roche with Luca Rosalia, Sarah Sams, Bryce Starr, Jonas Sogbadji and Gabriel Friedman Active This team is developing an endoscopically, self-deployable device to improve hydrocephalus treatments.

Trans-catheter deployment of soft, patient-specific implants

2023 | Ellen Roche with Connor Verheyen, Keegan Mendez, Markus Horvath and Sophie Wang Active Technology aimed at creating customizable implants for target sites, such as the heart, to improve surgical treatment outcomes.

A high-throughput platform for cellular uptake drug screening

2022 | Laurie Boyer with John Hickox Day and Catherine Della Santina Active This team is developing a high-throughput platform that allows high-resolution imaging and quantification of drug uptake within target cells.

DNA "Velcro" to improve electrochemical carbon dioxide reduction

2022 | Ariel Furst with Gang Fan and Benjamin Burke Active Carbon dioxide is abundant, yet has not been extensively harnessed as a potential one-carbon feedstock.

Effective antibody drug discovery against difficult targets

2022 | Brandon DeKosky with Matias Gutierrez Active This project is developing a platform for more efficient antibody discovery against both viruses and membrane protein targets.

Hybrid solid-liquid cathode to boost lithium primary battery energy

2022 | Betar Gallant with Haining Gao Active This team is developing a new class of energy-dense catholyte that can increase the energy of a Lithium primary battery 20 percent or more

Small spacecraft propellant management

2022 | Paulo Lozano with Jonathan MacArthur Active Propulsion is key to enable high-performance, high-value CubeSat missions

Tailored nanoporous catalysts for net-zero chemical industry

2022 | Rafael Gomez-Bombarelli, Elsa Olivetti & Yuriy Roman Active This team is developing an artificial intelligence-based platform to develop catalysts that would help create efficient, net-zero conversion steps.

Chronic brain implant to deliver antiepileptic medication

2021 | Michael J. Cima with Max Cotler and Hannah Jackson Active This project will use a previously developed chronic brain implant to directly deliver antiepileptic medication to seizure regions in the brain.

Color-changing photonic sheets

2021 | Mathias Kolle with Ben Miller Active This project aims to show manufacturability at scale of a material that changes color to provide visual feedback.

Continuous directed evolution in mammalian cells

2021 | Matthew Shoulders & Amit Choudhary with Andrew Sabol and Amanuella Mengiste Active This project strives to enable rapid and continuous directed evolution of high-value protein targets directly in mammalian cells.

Robotic guidewire to treat neurovascular disease

2021 | Xuanhe Zhao and Yoonho Kim Active This team is developing a magnetically steerable guidewire to navigate major brain arteries to treat patients affected by stroke or aneurysms.

System for on-site detection of virus-loaded aerosol

2021 | Domitilla Del Vecchio with Huifeng Du Active This project focuses on a device to sample the air of an indoor environment and detect the presence and concentration of a target virus on-site.

System to improve protein production in cells

2021 | Peter Dedon and Shane Byrne Active This project is developing a platform to improve protein production in industrially relevant bacteria, yeast, and mammalian cells.

Automated human oocyte cryopreservation device

2020 | Linda Griffith & Scott Manalis with Max Stockslager Active This team is designing an automated oocyte vitrification system capable of repeating the vitrification process in a reliable and standardized fashion.

Cleavable additives for degradable, recyclable thermoset plastics

2020 | Jeremiah Johnson with Elisabeth Prince, Yasmeen S. Alfaraj, and Letícia Cardoso da Costa Active This team is developing recyclable versions of existing high-performance thermosets by incorporating small quantities of a degradable co-monomer.

Local hydrogel-mediated delivery for the treatment of glioblastoma

2020 | Natalie Artzi with Henry Brem and Michelle Zarrella Dion Active This team is developing injectable, adhesive hydrogels for glioblastoma tumors to mediate local delivery of therapies.

Novel device for obstructive sleep apnea in Down Syndrome

2020 | Ellen Roche, Ravi Rasalingam & Tarsha Ward Active This team has created a custom-fit oral prosthesis that stabilizes the mouth muscles and prevents obstruction of the airway at night.

Learned control of manufacturing processes

2019 | Brian Anthony Active This project is creating a new level of manufacturing system performance using process control methods based on deep reinforcement learning.

Sulfidation chemistry for decarbonizing processing and production

2022 | Antoine Allanore with Caspar Stinn Past Selective conversion of some species feedstock from oxides to sulfides could enable targeted, carbon-free methods of metal production.

AI support system for authoring clinical documentation

2021 | David Karger & David Sontag Past This team is developing a system combining machine learning and human-computer interaction to reimagine Electronic Health Records.

A prototype of low-cost aluminum molten salt battery for nonintermittent off-grid power supply

2020 | Donald Sadoway with Ji Zhao and Sherrie Qian Past This team aims to demonstrate a prototype of a radically new battery based on aluminum metal and common molten salt.

Augmentative communication technologies using naturalistic data and personalized machine learning

2020 | Pattie Maes & Rosalind Picard with Jaya Narain and Kristina Johnson Past This project is developing an augmentative-communication system to “translate” non-speech sounds.

Noninvasive assessment of pulmonary edema using machine learning

2020 | Polina Golland with Ruizhi Liao and Steven Horng Past This team uses machine learning algorithms to assess pulmonary edema from chest X-rays, providing a more complete visualization for physicians.

Point-of-care integrated sample-sparing system for monitoring sepsis

2020 | Joel Voldman with Bruce Levy and Rebecca Baron Past This sepsis project aims to create a portable automated prototype system suitable for obtaining large-scale data from human disease samples.

Real-time speech modification system to enhance fluency in people who stutter

2020 | Satrajit Ghosh & Tod Machover with Rebecca Kleinberger Past This team has developed a portable solution to reduce stuttering using novel alterations of auditory feedback during speech production.

Single-cell encapsulation methods for enhancing microorganism viability

2020 | Ariel Furst with Chelsea Catania Past This team is developing a self-assembling coating for the protection of microorganisms in the probiotics manufacturing process.
A design of a drone

Solid-state drones

2020 | Steven Barrett & David Perreault Past After demonstrating near-silent drone propulsion for brief flights, this project will focus on a small drone that flies for 10 to 30 minutes.

Ultrawide field-of-view metasurface flat-optics platform

2020 | Juejun Hu & Tian Gu with Mikhail Shalaginov Past This project is developing novel metasurface flat optics for ultra-compact, high-performance optical imaging, sensing, projection, and display.

Wide-field-of-view chip-scale LiDAR for autonomous machines

2020 | Marin Soljačić with Josué López and Thomas Mahony Past This team is developing a next-generation LiDAR sensor that will enable autonomous machines and vehicles to see and navigate.

Antimicrobial & easy-care SmartPE fabrics

2019 | Svetlana V. Boriskina & Gang Chen with Marcelo Lozano and Matteo Alberghini Past This team is developing a recyclable, stain-resistant SmartPE polyethylene textile that will reduce plastic waste and save energy and water.

Artificial axons as a myelination assay for drug screening in neurological diseases

2019 | Krystyn Van Vliet & Nicholas Fang with Anna Jagielska Past This team is developing artificial axons using advanced 3D printing to accelerate the discovery of drugs that stimulate myelin repair.

Combinatorial engineering of Chimeric Antigen Receptors

2019 | Michael Birnbaum with Taeyoon Kyung, Michael Hemann, and Khloe Gordon Past This project created hundreds of thousands of Chimeric Antigen Receptors to select for superior activity, ideally extending therapeutic efficacy.

Early detection system for crop pathosystems

2019 | Olivier de Weck with Maxwell Robinson Past The team is developing a detection system to sense concentration changes of volatile organic compounds during early stages of citrus greening disease.

Multiplexed measurement of miRNA in tissue sections

2019 | Patrick Doyle with Frank Slack and Maxwell Nagarajan Past Team is developing a method to perform spatially resolved and multiplex microRNA measurements directly from formalin-fixed, paraffin-embedded tissue.

Novel nature-inspired bioadhesives for tissue sealing

2019 | Xuanhe Zhao with Christoph Nabzdyk and Hyunwoo Yuk Past Tissue breakdown and anastomotic leakage in surgery can cause health and economic burdens. This team is developing a bioadhesive for tissue sealing.

Polymer membranes with exceptional performance and stability

2019 | Zachary Smith & Timothy Swager with Francesco Benedetti Past This project is developing an approach to make a promising polymeric platform of materials to replace current gas-separation membranes.

Polymer-drug conjugate for osteoarthritis

2019 | Paula Hammond & Alan Grodzinsky with Brandon Johnston Past Project is developing nanomaterial for sustained delivery of drugs to cartilage to improve efficacy and treat the underlying cause of osteoarthritis.

Rapid diagnosis of bacterial infection via volatile organic compounds in patient breath

2019 | Max Shulaker with Eric Rosenberg Past Project aimed to improve time to diagnosis of bacterial infection using electronic chips with gas sensors to detect volatile compounds in breath.

Rapid, target-directed antimalarial drug discovery

2019 | Jacquin C. Niles with Mai Nakashima, Khan T. Osman, and Charisse F. Pasaje Past This project focused on a strategy for prioritizing antimalarial targets and accelerating discovery of molecules that interfere with these functions.

A novel prodrug platform as the next generation blood cancer therapy

2018 | Jeremiah Johnson with Yivan Jiang and Hung Nguyen Past This project team invented a novel macromolecular prodrug platform that improves the leading Multiple Myeloma drug therapeutics.

Biomass torrefaction for high-yield, water-saving fertilizer

2018 | Ahmed Ghoniem with Sonal Thengane & Kevin Kung Past The project is developing a series of low-cost reactor designs that can be deployed at a small-scale and in a decentralized manner in rural areas.

Hydrogel for reducing immune-related adverse events during immunotherapy

2018 | Jeremiah Johnson with Sachin Bhagchandani & Farrukh Vohidov Past Created technology will be able to augment the therapeutic efficacy of combination immunotherapies as well as reduce systemic toxicities.

In-line photonic Raman sensors for accelerated pharmaceutical process development

2018 | Juejun Hu with Derek Kita & Jérôme Michon Past This project is developing a Raman spectroscopy system with on-chip photonic sensors, which can be integrated into existing pharmaceutical processes.

On-site soil nutrient analysis system for smallholder farmers

2018 | John Hart & Chintan Vaishnav with Michael Arnold Past This team is developing an affordable on-site soil nutrient analysis system, enabling accurate measurement of nitrate, phosphate, potassium, and pH.

Producing E. coli test kits in Nepal

2018 | Jeffrey Ravel & Susan Murcott Past This project is focused on low-cost water quality testing kits designed to signal the presence of E. coli.

Robust anti-fouling ultrafiltration membranes

2018 | Jeffrey Grossman with Brendan Smith Past Using novel materials, this project is developing robust, anti-fouling ultrafiltration membranes with high thermal and chemical stability.

Turbocharging single-cylinder engines to increase power, improve efficiency, and reduce emissions

2018 | Amos Winter and Michael Buchman Past Developing a turbocharging technology that could increase the power of single-cylinder engines by as much as 60% and increase efficiency.

Developing intelligent selective electrodialysis for 21st century agriculture

2017 | John Lienhard with Kishor Nayar & Amit Kumar Past Intelligent Selective Electrodialysis can selectively remove monovalent ions from a water stream, tailoring waters for specific applications.

Developing synthetic substrates for neurodegenerative disease platforms

2017 | Paula Hammond & Linda Griffith with Marianna Sofman Past Focused on developing synthetic polymer material upon which neural progenitor cells can grow, expand and differentiate into different neural lineages.

Digital 3D printing of microparticles

2017 | John Hart with Justin Beroz and Ulrich Muecke Past This project is developing a new direct-write printing technology, to enable high resolution multi-material deposition.

Engineered binding proteins as replacements for antibodies in immunoassays

2017 | Hadley Sikes with Eric Miller & Ki Joo Sung Past Focused on replacing antibodies in diagnostic tests with engineered binders for faster development timelines and improved performance.

Engineered protein treatments for hair repair and long-lasting color retention

2017 | Bradley Olsen with Justin Paloni, Hursh Sureka & Sieun Kim Past This team is developing polymer-based technology that binds to the hair, providing persistent bioactives that protect the cuticle and repair damage.

Field-scale quality assurance in India’s dairy industry

2017 | Sanjay Sarma with Pranay Jain Past This project focused on developing a handheld device that can inexpensively test the quality of milk by measuring milk fat and protein.

Local drug delivery for facilitating expedited urinary stone passage

2017 | Michael Cima with Christopher Lee and Brian Eisner Past Focused on developing a locally delivered, outpatient-based therapy offering expedited urinary stone passage.

Low-cost spectroscopy solutions for Raman sensing and beyond

2017 | Rajeev Ram with Amir Atabaki Past This project leverages recent advances in photonic integration and in image sensors to reconstruct optical spectra.

Non-invasive hydration sensor for elderly care

2017 | Luca Daniel and Martha Gray with Ian Butterworth Past This project is developing a non-invasive sensor to provide actionable information about hydration status.

Optically transparent thermally insulating retrofits for single-pane windows

2017 | Evelyn Wang, Gang Chen & Xuanhe Zhao with Elise Strobach Past This team is developing a silica aerogel material that is more transparent than glass and twice as insulating as air.

Reducing runoff and environmental impact of agricultural sprays

2017 | Kripa Varanasi with Maxime Costalonga and David Kang Past Novel spray formulations designed to enable the agricultural pesticide drops to adhere better to surfaces.

Solid-state color pixel for e-paper displays

2017 | Geoff Beach with Mantao Huang & Aik Jun Tan Past This project team is developing a technology for a simple color pixel structure for e-paper.

Structured nucleic acid nanoparticle therapeutic delivery platform

2017 | Mark Bathe, Darrell Irvine and Feng Zhang Past Targeted, efficient delivery of nucleic acid therapeutics is one of the largest current bottlenecks to the treatment of human diseases.

Active structural batteries

2016 | Angela Belcher with Alan Ransil and Kieran Strobel Past This project is developing a structural approach to build electrical vehicle components from materials that contribute to energy storage.

Bedside testing of coagulation

2016 | James Fox with Galit Frydman Past This project developed rapid, bedside blood diagnostics and drug monitoring capabilities.

Convection-enhanced electrochemical energy storage

2016 | Fikile Brushett with Thomas Carney Past This project aims to develop a new energy storage concept: a convection-enhanced rechargeable battery.

Digital tools for in-field data collection

2016 | Chris Zegras with Daniel Heriberto Palencia Arreola Past Flocktracker provides an easy-to-deploy and manage, low-cost, cloud-based, field data gathering method, leveraging smartphone technology.

Efficient drug discovery screening

2016 | Paul Blainey with Anthony Kulesa and Jared Kehe Past This project aims to bring drug combinatorial discovery within reach by lowering costs and increasing throughput.

Floating solar receivers for distributed desalination

2016 | Gang Chen with Svetlana V. Boriskina, Thomas Cooper and George Ni Past Increasingly, communities are turning to seawater desalination to manage intense droughts and satisfy growing freshwater demand.

Low-cost water filter using sapwood xylem

2016 | Rohit Karnik & Amy Smith with Krithika Ramchander Past This project explores providing safe drinking water by developing low-cost filters that use the natural capabilities of xylem tissue in wood.

Mucin-inspired agents to manage infections

2016 | Katharina Ribbeck with Kelsey Wheeler and Bradley Turner Past This mucin-inspired project will enable healthy microbe diversity by developing a synthetic microbe-taming barrier to microbial infections.

Non-invasive white cell count prototype

2016 | Martha Gray with Carlos Castro-Gonzalez Past This project is to develop a noninvasive white blood cell test that enables more frequent measurement.

Plastics for thermal management

2016 | Gang Chen with Yanfei Zu and Jiawei Zhou Past This project will investigate the potential of plastics-based heat transfer materials.

Rapid detection of pathogenic bacteria

2016 | Timothy Swager and Alexander Klibanov with Kent Harvey and Qifan Zhang Past This project will develop an inexpensive biosensor to rapidly detect pathogenic bacteria in food and water to prevent widespread infection.

Targeted electrochemical water remediation

2016 | Alan Hatton with Xiao Su Past A challenge in wastewater treatment is extremely toxic pollutants and contaminants, often present at low levels and energetically costly to remove.

A multiplex, nanosensor platform for the real-time monitoring of food and water-borne contaminants

2015 | Michael Strano and Anthony Sinskey with Ivy Dong, et al. Past This project seeks to develop a single integrated platform to address food and water contaminants in a low-cost, widely deployable nanosensor array.

Color and motion magnification

2015 | Fredo Durand and William Freeman with Justin Chen, et al. Past This project has developed an algorithm that reveals small motions of small changes in color within a video.

Effective PTSD drug therapy

2015 | Ki Goosens with Vikash Mansinghka and Mireya Nadal-Vicens Past This project will focus on identifying a drug to modulate the stress hormone, ghrelin, which would provide a new therapy for stress-related disorders.

Exploring the therapeutic potential of small molecules that modulate the c-Myc oncoprotein

2015 | Angela Koehler with Francisco Caballero and Eric Stefan Past The team identified compounds that bind to protein complexes containing the oncoprotein c-Myc and will explore the potential of Myc modulation.

Fouling-resistant nanoporous membranes

2015 | Jeffrey Grossman with Shreya Dave, Jatin Patil, and Brendan Smith Past This project is developing novel fouling-resistant materials that would improve the performance of water treatment plants.

Handling assembly of ultra-thin silicon membranes

2015 | Henry Smith and Paul Lozano with Ash Dyer, et al. Past This project is developing a novel approach to handling and placing thin layers of semiconductors for use in 3D integrated electronic components.

Novel approaches to antibody-drug conjugates

2015 | Stephen Buchwald & Bradley Pentelute with Timothy Senter Past Antibody-Drug Conjugates for cancer therapy are synthesized by attaching cytotoxic small molecule drugs to monoclonal antibodies.

Platform device for non-invasive gastrointestinal disease monitoring

2015 | Timothy Lu with Mark Mimee, Isaak Mueller, and Jacob Rubens Past This device will enable the detection and reporting of gastrointestinal disease biomarkers in a non-invasive and near-real-time fashion.

The Nanosatellite Optical Downlink Experiment (NODE)

2015 | Kerri Cahoy with Raichelle Aniceto, James Clark, Andrew Feldman Past The team will develop a miniature, low-cost, free space optical communications terminal for small satellites, such as CubeSats.

WiFi-based indoor positioning platform

2015 | Daniela Rus and Dina Katabi with Joe DelPreto Past This project is developing an indoor positioning platform that is compatible with WiFi-enabled user devices and easily deployable.

A drug delivery platform for sustained treatment of inflammatory arthritis

2014 | Martha Gray and Jeffrey Karp with Tony Aliprantis Past This project will create a delivery system for the treatment of inflammatory diseases, such as arthritis.

Covert and robust micron-scale tags for anti-counterfeiting

2014 | Patrick Doyle with Paul Bisso Past Focused on developing new methods to covertly encode objects such as pharmaceutical packaging, currency, and electronics.

Drug-eluting platform device to locally treat pancreatic cancer

2014 | Elazer Edelman with Laura Indolfi and David Ting Past Focused on designing drug-delivery technology for use in treating pancreatic cancer.

Electrochemically-mediated carbon dioxide capture

2014 | T. Alan Hatton with Aly El-Tayeb and Ryan Shaw Past This project will develop a novel, plug & play and cost-effective electrochemically-controlled process for CO2 capture.

Exceedingly small iron oxide nanoparticles as T1 MRI contrast agents

2014 | Moungi Bawendi with Oliver Bruns and Jose Cordero Past Aimed to produce a contrast agent similar to GBCA but with less toxicity.

Fluorinated non-stick coatings for high-performance electrodes

2014 | Yogesh Surendranath with Sterling Chu Past This project will develop a novel passivation method for high surface carbon electrodes using fluorocarbon film.

Globally optimal engineering system design

2014 | Marc Baldo with Paul Azunre Past This project focused on developing an algorithm to find a global solution to a problem in the design of thin film optical interference coatings.

Waterproof and smart fabrics using symmetry-breaking surfaces

2014 | Kripa Varanasi with Taylor Farnham and Henri Girard Past This project addresses the need for non-wetting and breathable fabrics with a novel approach to waterproofing and the development of smart fabrics.

Wavelength-selective light scattering for transparent displays

2014 | Marin Soljacic with Emma Anquilare, Austin Clark Past This project explores a new type of transparent display based on the wavelength-selective scattering of light from nanostructures.

A platform for multi-material fabrication

2013 | Wojciech Matusik with Desai Chen and Moira Forberg Past This project proposes to develop a complete end-to-end platform for multi-material additive manufacturing.

eyeMITRA: Feature revealing computational retinal imaging and predictive analysis

2013 | Ramesh Raskar with Amy Canham, Everett Lawson Past The eyeMITRA technology being developed by this project will bring retinal exams into the realm of routine care at a fraction of the current cost.

Fast flow peptides

2013 | Bradley Pentelute and Klavs Jensen Past This project is developing a flow system that greatly accelerates the rate of production of peptides and reduces overall synthesis time.

Getting a better grip on surfaces: Addressable N-heterocylic carbenes

2013 | Jeremiah Johnson with Michelle MacLeod and Aleksandr Zhukhovitskiy Past This project is developing a new methodology for attaching materials for surfaces using carbene molecules.

High-resolution digital printing of particulate matter

2013 | John Hart with Justin Beroz Past This project will develop a new technology for high-speed digital printing with a higher resolution and expanded materials capability.

Nanoporous thin films for water desalination and purification

2013 | Jeff Grossman with David Cohen-Tanugi and Shreya Dave Past The project focuses on the development of graphene nanoporous thin-films (NTFs), of value for the fields of water desalination and filtration.

Scalable photonic links for ethernet systems

2013 | Michael Watts with Jonathan Bradley, Ben Moss Past This project will integrate laser sources with silicon photonics to create versatile and scalable photonic links for Ethernet systems.

Sensors for food and agriculture: Selectivity for key markers and the development of scalable manufacture

2013 | Tim Swager with Joe Azzarelli, Brendon Deveney, and Jan Schnorr Past This project will develop a low-cost sensor to reduce food spoilage and improve harvest, storage, and distribution of food.

Shape memory ceramic actuators

2013 | Chris Schuh with Alan Lai Past This project is developing a new class of actuator materials ideal for applications in robotics, electronics and haptics.

Ultrasensitive noninvasive disease monitoring platform

2013 | Sangeeta Bhatia with Gabe Kwong, David Lee Past This project leverages advances in nanotechnology to allow disease-specific enzymes to generate highly predictive ‘synthetic biomarkers.'

Drug delivery system for treating post traumatic osteoarthritis

2012 | Alan Grodzinsky and Ambika Bajpayee with Chris Evans and Moungi Bawendi Past This project was developing a drug delivery system for the treatment of injured joints to prevent arthritis.

Enabling big computation on big data for business analysts and scientists

2012 | Alan Edelman with Jeff Bezanson, Stefan Karpinski and Viral Shah Past This project is developing a high-level programming language for the analysis of big data.

Ensemble-based processing of noisy images

2012 | Dennis McLaughlin with Rafal Wojcik Past Many imaging systems in geology, medicine and industry are "noisy" and imprecise. This project will allow useful information to be extracted.

Medication Dispensing Intraocular Lens (mdIOL) for cataract surgery

2012 | Paula Hammond and Kenneth Mandell with Myoung-Hwan Park and Joseph Rizzo Past This project is developing technology to release drugs directly from an implanted lens, thus eliminating the need for eye drops.

Targeting oral cancer

2012 | Manijeh Goldberg with Erkin Ayden, Kuan Chen, and Gurtej Singh Past This project is developing a topical delivery of anti-cancer drugs that can reduce side effects while allowing for a more effective cancer treatment.

Enabling the oral delivery of macromolecules: The ultrasound pill

2011 |

Daniel Anderson with Carl Schoellhammer, Avi Schroeder, Giovanni Traverso

Past This project is developing an ingestible device capable of applying ultrasound to the GI tract while delivering one of these drugs.

High resolution simulations for system analysis

2011 |

Anthony Patera with Phuong Huynh, David Knezevic, and Thomas Leurent

Past New generation of computer simulations that are component-­based, parametrized and fast

Implantable drug delivery device for ovarian cancer

2011 |

Michael Cima with Michael Birrer, Marcela DelCarmen, Laura Tanenbaum, and Hongye Ye

Past A device that can be implanted in the peritoneum once and deliver the drugs over a long time period, in order to reduce infections and complications

Treatment of water produced from shale gas extraction

2011 |

Gang Chen with Anurag Bajpayee

Past A low cost, solvent extraction process to remove the dissolved salts from shale gas extraction and produced water.

A low-cost mobile diagnostic tool for self-evaluation of eye refractive disorders

2010 | Ramesh Raskar with Chika Ekeji and Vitor Pamplona Past Developed a low cost, rapid, easy to use tool to measure the refractive error and provide data for corrective eyeglass prescription.

A robotically steered electrode for tumor ablation

2010 | Alexander Slocum with Rajiv Gupta and Nobuhiko Hata Past Focus on developing a robotically steered electrode that can perform many small ablations in precise three-dimensional locations.

Dislocation density reduction in multicrystalline silicon

2010 | Tonio Buonassisi with Sergio Castellanos and Alexandria Fecych Past Demonstrated a scalable method to eliminate bulk defects in commercial solar cell materials.

On-chip diagnostic device

2010 | Geoffrey Beach with Elizabeth Rapoport Past Used magnetic domain walls as mobile traps for beads by detecting chemical and biological species in a fluid environment.

Tissue-specific adhesive materials

2010 | Elazer Edelman with Natalie Artzi and Joel Goldberg Past Developed a class of biocompatible adhesive materials used in surgery that can be designed to match tissue type.

WikiDo: Large-scale automation of computer tasks

2010 | Dina Katabi with Regina Barzilay and Satchuthanan R. Branavan Past A software platform that reduces the cost and time for computer support and maintenance.

A wearable sensor for continuous glucose monitoring for diabetics

2009 | Michael Strano with Jin-Ho Ahn and Paul Barone Past Developing a carbon nanotube-based, minimally invasive, tissue-implantable sensor that can report a patient's glucose levels on a continuous basis.

Chemical production of functionalized graphene for enhanced composite materials

2009 | Timothy Swager Past Focused on development of a chemical process to produce graphene at a reasonable cost.

Device for treatment of cerebral edema

2009 | Michael Cima with Robert Carter and Fred Hochberch Past Focused on developing a drug delivery device to treat brain edema with reduced systemic side effects typical of conventional treatments.

MEMS for large area and flexible applications

2009 | Vladimir Bulovic Past Focused on developing flexible, paper-thin multi-sensor arrays of unconventional micro-electromechanical systems.

Nano-engineered surfaces for ultra high power density thermal management

2009 | Kripa Varanasi with HyukMin Kwon and Christopher J. Love Past Developed surface-technology-enabled systems that can dissipate extremely high amounts of heat rapidly.

A 3-dimensional lithographic microfabrication system

2008 | Peter So Past This project used a 3D photolithography technique based on novel focusing of ultrafast light pulses to develop a new type of microfabrication system.

A new architecture for highly efficient, broadband RF transceivers

2008 | Joel Dawson and David Perreault with Sungwon Chung and Philip Andrew Godoy Past By using novel transmitter designs this team aimed to develop energy-efficient, high data rate radio frequency transmitters for broadband wireless.

A novel device for label-free cell rolling separation

2008 | Rohit Karnik and Jeffrey Karp with Suman Bose Past This project aims to demonstrate the feasibility of a non-invasive technique of continuous-flow cell separation requiring minimal sample preparation.

Developing novel strategies to arrest biofilms

2008 | Susan Lindquist Past This project focused on developing novel therapeutic strategies to combat bacterial biofilm infections.

Digital ear canal scanner

2008 | Douglas Hart Past This project developed a 3D digital scanner capable of measuring ear canal shape and tissue compliance.

Integrating the deep web with the shallow web

2008 | Michael Stonebraker Past This project aimed to provide sophisticated search capability for the “deep web” of pages dynamically generated from data entered into forms.

New antibiotic target

2008 | Graham Walker with Bryan Davies and Asha Jacob Past This project revealed a previously unknown, highly conserved RNase that plays multiple crucial cellular roles.

Quantitative diagnostic for allergies using single-cell technology

2008 | J. Christopher Love Past Research aims to develop a quantitative in vitro assay using mononuclear cells to accurately predict the in vivo outcome upon exposure to an allergen.

Stable inorganic-organic hybrid light emitting diodes

2008 | Karen Gleason Past This project used narrow band, efficient and wavelength tunable light emitting material to fabricate hybrid inorganic-organic LEDs.

Supervalent battery

2008 | Donald Sadoway Past Project sought to build a proof-of-concept system for a novel battery using supervalent technology and dramatically increasing battery energy density.

CD-4 T lymphocyte-counting microchip

2007 |

Utkan Demirci and Martha Gray

Past A low-cost, disposable, point-of-care device using a microchip to analyze a blood-drop sample to produce a CD-4 count in less than a minute

Compound to enhance immune stimulation

2007 | Gerald Fink and Ifat Rubin-Bejerano Past This project was developing a compound to stimulate a more powerful immune response to specific monoclonal antibodies.

Drug delivery system to enhance healing of wounds and burns

2007 |

Ioannis Yannas and Francois Berthiaume

Past Developing novel skin substitutes designed to have wide applications in elective surgery and advanced wound and burn care

Gallium nitride high electron mobility transistors

2007 |

Tomas Palacios with Will Chung and Bin Lu

Past Silicon (Si) transistor technology is widely used in electronics, but the technology is reaching its physical limits

High efficiency multi-crystalline solar cells

2007 | Emanuel Sachs Past Texturing multi-crystalline wafers using novel approaches to light trapping and metallization

High throughput cell micro injector

2007 |

Klavs Jensen

Past An automated microinjector that promises high-throughput delivery of any molecule or nanoparticle into single cells to accelerate laboratory research

High throughput nanoscale imaging

2007 |

Henry Smith and Rajesh Menon

Past A novel absorbance-modulation technique that combines photochemistry and optics to focus light to nanoscale dimensions

Low-cost continuous drug delivery

2007 |

Yet-Ming Chiang and Michael Cima

Past A low-cost, compact, disposable, programmable delivery device using advanced materials technology to assist individuals with chronic diseases

Pericardial intoropic drug delivery for heart surgery patients

2007 |

Elazer Edelman with Mark Lovich

Past A unique means of safely administering perioperative drugs for heart failure patients.

Phase contrast X-ray imaging

2007 | Richard Lanza Past A new approach to phase contrast x-ray imaging to improve both medical procedures as well as security screening

Portable power sources

2007 |

Carol Livermore and Timothy Havel

Focuses on the design and computer modeling of a single nanospring-driven generator and storage device

Power source for terahertz imaging

2007 | Keith Nelson Past Developing a compact source delivering 100 to 1,000 times more power than other approaches

Rapid multiplexed analysis for molecular diagnostics

2007 |

Patrick Doyle with Daniel Pregibon

Past New method for multiplexed analysis using multifunctional microparticles created by continuous flow lithography

Renewable propane from biomass

2007 | Jefferson Tester Past Developing technology to allow production of a gas that is chemically identical to propane, but makes the propane from renewable biomass

Super-hydrophobic nano materials

2007 |

Francesco Stellacci and Jing Kong

Past Explores the properties of a new super-hydrophobic material for selectively absorbing oil from water and separating liquids

Device for sensing tissues and tissue compartments

2006 | Alexander Slocum, Omid Farokhzad and Jeff Karp Past Focused on proof-of-concept experiments using prototype devices for sensing tissue and tissue compartments for use in catheter placement.

High-amperage energy storage device

2006 | Donald Sadoway with David Bradwell Past This project sought to build a proof-of-concept energy storage system.

High-throughput dense wireless networks

2006 | Dina Katabi Past Focused on building a prototype of the high throughput dense network using the 802.11 protocol.

Human liver models for faster, safer drug development

2006 | Sangeeta Bhatia with Salman Khetani Past Developed miniature human liver tissue in a format that can be used for more effective studies in the drug development process.

Improved safety helmets

2006 | Laurence Young Past This project proposes to develop a new safety helmet with novel materials that provides sturdy protection while also being reusable.

Low-cost electricity-free incubation

2006 | Amy Smith with Sarah Bird Past The phase change incubator enables incubation without electricity and the need for skilled maintenance.

Medicine delivery method for bladder disorders

2006 | Michael Cima Past Developed technology to deliver drugs directly to the bladder via a small device inserted using minimally invasive means.

Next-generation data transformation tool

2006 | Michael Stonebraker Past Project focused on creating a next-generation data transformation tool to facilitate converting data into a common format .

Catalytic particles for rapid decontamination in carbon filters and clothing

2005 | T. Alan Hatton Past Developing a technology in which catalytic particles capture organophosphorus chemicals and irreversibly convert them to another species.

Contact printing -- bridging nano-lithography with industrial production

2005 |

Francesco Stellacci

Past Developing nano-contact printing to enable quick reproduction of a large number of nano-patterns and nano-devices.

Finding early-stage cancers using novel contrast agents for enhanced MRI

2005 | Clark Colton Past A unique MRI contrast agent that enhances selectivity for tumor tissue, thus increasing the chance for detection of an early-stage tumor.

From bulk compounds to fine chemicals in one step

2005 | Timothy Jamison Past Aimed to develop a one-step process that yields fine chemicals by coupling bulk chemicals.

Low-cost multispectral infrared detector arrays

2005 |

Lionel Kimerling and Anuradha Murthy Agarwal

Past This project will explore the development of large-area monolithic photodetector arrays.

Nanotechnology process enables fast discovery of ion channel-targeting drugs

2005 |

Angela Belcher, David Clapham and Davide Marini

Past Proposes a nanotechnology-based approach to monitor the activity of ion channels

Novel conductors for flexible, robust electronic devices

2005 | Karen Gleason Past Developing a composite material consisting of ITO and a conductive polymer.

Novel light-emitting devices take flat-panel display market to next level

2005 |

Vladimir Bulovic and Moungi Bawendi with Seth Coe-Sullivan

Past Developing a technology based on nanoparticles called quantum dots.

Realizing modern medicine's dream of immediate hemostasis

2005 |

Rutledge Ellis-Behnke

Past Explore a new compound that rapidly forms a transparent, nanofiber-rich meshwork that stops bleeding and promotes tissue regeneration.

Short-warp weaving for fast-changing fashions

2005 |

Samir Nayfeh

Past Proposes a new fabric-production process, which eliminates the cost, lead time, and factory complexity of traditional weaving setup operations.

Smarter drug delivery via tunable implant coatings

2005 | Paula Hammond Past This project will produce coatings that can sequentially release multiple drugs.

Accelerating innovation in the chemistry lab with integrated automated microchemical systems

2004 | Klavs Jensen Past This project continued work on a prototype of an intelligent microchemical system.

Authenticating and protecting digital information in portable devices

2004 | Srini Devadas Past This project proposes Physical Unclonable Functions (PUFs) as a more secure alternative to digital keys.

Engineered electrode assemblies for PEM fuel cells

2004 | Yang Shao-Horn Past This project aims to meet the challenge of reducing cost through a novel electrode fabrication technique that would maximize catalyst utilization.

Growth of long, strong carbon nanotube fibers

2004 | Alexander Slocum Past This research aims to produce continuous, long carbon nanotubes from catalyst bases in microfabricated reactors.

HexFlex - Enabling nanofabrication with a six-axis nanomanipulator

2004 | Martin Culpepper Past The HexFlex Nanomanipulator, a six-axis, flexure-based device, achieves positioning via assembly of precision mechanisms.

Hybrid DBMS optimized for read-intensive applications

2004 | Michael Stonebraker Past A hybrid system that delivers a write-optimized engine that performs updates efficiently coupled with a back-end and a read-optimized engine.

Low-cost x-ray imaging systems

2004 | Richard Lanza Past This project will develop low-cost x-ray imaging systems, primarily for use in developing countries.

Making 3G and 4G a reality with low-cost amplifiers for wireless base stations

2004 | Chiping Chen Past Completed conceptual and engineering designs of a proof-of-concept ribbon-beam amplifier (RBA). Such amplifiers will be inherently highly efficient.

Microfluidic platform for high-density multiplexed biological assays

2004 | Todd Thorsen Past The platform proposed here uses microfluidic channel networks to carry out thousands of biological assays in parallel on a glass slide.

Novel ice cream production method

2004 | John Brisson Past Proposes a cheaper, more energy-efficient process that could substantially change the way ice cream is made and improve the end product.

Slim-format spectrometer

2004 | Vladimir Bulovic Past A compact, rugged, inexpensive optical spectrometer that will greatly improve the performance of field applications.

Tonal management for digital photography and video

2004 | Fredo Durand Past Computational tools developed in this research perform tonal managements to enhance the overall tonal balance in photographs.

Ultra-fast low actuation voltage RF MEMS switch

2004 | George Barbastathis Past Creating an RF MEMS switch that uses a new MEMS actuation method.

3D circuit boards to enhance electronics at low cost

2003 | David Perreault Past Developing an enhanced circuit board to overcome limitations of PCB technology at low cost, while preserving conventional manufacturing framework.

A cheaper, greener way to produce titanium

2003 | Donald Sadoway Past Aimed to develop a way to produce titanium through direct electrolysis.

A new approach for speech recognition

2003 | Thomas Knight Past Sought to develop a novel, non-linear representation for speech to improve the ability of machines to understand human speech.

A new device for non-invasive tissue biopsy

2003 | Peter So Past Develop a new kind of endoscope by integrating two-photon imaging to allow 3D imaging of opaque tissue specimens with sub-cellular resolution.

A simpler way to make microelectronic devices

2003 | Caroline Ross Past This project's goal was to develop a disruptive technology to make logic devices from magnetic structures instead of silicon-based semiconductors.

Advanced algorithms to increase wireless network capacity

2003 | Greg Wornell Past This project aimed to develop a novel transmission scheme employing very smart multiple antennas.

An accurate, inexpensive cardiac screening system

2003 | John Guttag Past A computer-based system for mitral valve prolapse screening as non-invasive, inexpensive and fast as the stethoscope, but also highly accurate.

Image analysis for digital cameras

2003 | William Freeman Past This research sought to enable cameras to "recognize" individual objects.

Ionic colloidal crystals, tiny structures with enormous potential

2003 | Yet-Ming Chiang Past Used theory and experiment to identify conditions under which ionic colloidal crystals are most easily formed.

Metallization on solar cells

2003 | Emanuel Sachs Past Investigated a new method for applying circuitry to solar cells to make the cells less expensive to manufacture and more energy-efficient.

Nanocrystal non-volatile memory devices

2003 | Vladimir Bulovic and Moungi Bawendi Past Sought to develop better-performing "non-volatile memory" that could be used for storage in digital cameras, computers, and other electronics.

New engine to replace diesel

2003 | Bill Green Past This project explored a new type of engine, comparable to a diesel in cost and energy efficiency but with lower emissions.

Powered joint braces to help the mobility-impaired

2003 | Woodie Flowers with John Bean and Kailas Narendran Past Created an active joint brace: a wearable, unencumbering exoskeleton that augments physical capability by working in tandem with existing musculature.

Reusable deformations for computer animation

2003 | Jovan Popovic Past The goal of this project was to develop a way to enable animation programs to transfer physical behaviors from one animated "being" to another.

Slow down warning system for safe highways

2003 | Eric Feron Past This project proposed a slowdown warning system that would notify drivers of upcoming hazards with plenty of time to react.

Automatically generated system specs

2002 | Michael Ernst Past Applying novel technology to the problems of understanding, evolving, testing, and debugging software systems.

Carbon nanotube manufacturing

2002 | Sang-Gook Kim Past This research aims to develop a new method for transforming nanotubes into easily handleable and produceable building blocks.

Exploiting molecular conformation changes

2002 | Marco Baldo Past New molecular semiconductor technology examining bi-stable small-molecular weight molecules that demonstrate fully reversible 60% changes.

High-speed 3-D imaging

2002 | Douglas Hart Past Converts any ordinary CCD camera into a 3-D imaging system that can be used for wide-ranging applications.

Label-free detection of proteins

2002 | Scott R. Manalis and Alexander M. Klibanov Past This project aimed to develop a label-free electrical method of protein detection.

The Nanogate: A tunable MEMS LC filter

2002 | Alexander Slocum and Jeffrey Lang Past Focused on developing the Nanogate LC for personal multi-band wireless communications devices.

Tissue engineering

2002 | Robert Langer and Elazer Edelman Past Focused on critical experiments and readying tissue engineering systems for human clinical trials.