Antimicrobial & easy-care SmartPE fabrics

Year 2019
Project team Svetlana V. Boriskina & Gang Chen with Marcelo Lozano and Matteo Alberghini
73 percent of fabrics end up in landfills
Smart PE material regulates body temperature
Textile is lightweight, recyclable and stain-resistant

Reduce and reuse plastic waste

Conventional fabrics absorb body heat and perspiration, providing fertile ground for bacterial growth. Textile production pollutes water with dangerous toxins, and 73% of fabrics end up in landfills. This project is developing a lightweight, recyclable, and stain-resistant SmartPE polyethylene textile that passively regulates body temperature via control of radiation, thermal conduction, and evaporation; inhibits bacterial growth; saves energy and water during fabrication and usage; and can help to reduce and reuse plastic waste.

Could we recycle plastic bags into fabrics of the future?

Engineers have developed self-cooling fabrics from polyethylene, a material commonly used in plastic bags.

Svetlana Boroskina presents their project at IdeaStream ’21.
Svetlana Boroskina presents their project at IdeaStream 2020.