Optically transparent thermally insulating retrofits for single-pane windows

Year 2017
Project team Evelyn Wang, Gang Chen & Xuanhe Zhao with Elise Strobach and Bikram Bhatia

Insulating silica aerogel

Every year, windows in the United States lose enough energy to power over 85 million homes. This wasted energy costs $20 billion and generates more carbon dioxide than 76 million cars, but traditional window products still force consumers to choose between energy efficiency and affordability. This team’s solution is a groundbreaking silica aerogel material that is more transparent than glass, twice as insulating as air, and cost-competitive with existing products.


Technology from this project spun out into a startup company, AeroShield.

Preventing energy loss in windows

Mechanical engineers are developing technologies that could prevent heat from entering or escaping windows, potentially preventing a massive loss of energy.

Making Forbes’ 2020 30 Under 30: Energy

Kyle Wilke and Elise Strobach, Cofounders of AeroShield, make Forbes’ annual list.

Elise Strobach presents Optically Transparent Thermally Insulating Retrofits for Single-Pane Windows at IdeaStream 2018.