Local hydrogel-mediated delivery for the treatment of glioblastoma

Year 2020
Project team Natalie Artzi with Henry Brem and Michelle Zarrella Dion

15 months Survival rate for glioblastoma patients
Hydrogels Can be used to control delivery of therapies
Improve treatment Through biodistribution and control over chemotherapy release kinetics

Precise control in chemotherapy

Glioblastoma is a lethal, aggressive brain cancer with a dismal median survival rate of 15 months. Tumor recurrence is inevitable after treatment – involving surgical resection followed by chemotherapy and radiation therapy – since it is impossible to eliminate all tumor cells using current strategies. This team is developing injectable, adhesive hydrogels that can be applied directly into the post-surgical cavity to mediate controlled local delivery of single and potential combination therapies. This technology will provide precise control over chemotherapy release kinetics, and improve chemotherapy’s brain biodistribution and selective uptake in tumor cells to enhance safety and efficacy.

Michelle Dion presents Eliminating Brain Cancer at the Source Using Tissue-Adhesive Hydrogels at IdeaStream 2024