Developing intelligent selective electrodialysis for 21st century agriculture

Year 2017
Project team John Lienhard with Kishor Nayar & Amit Kumar

Tailoring waters in a single step

Intelligent Selective Electrodialysis (ISED) can selectively remove monovalent ions from a water stream, tailoring waters for specific applications in a single-step process. The project originally started with the goal of applying ISED for greenhouse water treatment where ISED could save hydroponic growers fertilizer, water and energy. Commercialization efforts have since expanded to provide tailored water for various industries: oil and gas, lithium mining, salt production and power plants. The team is looking to spin out a company soon and is actively seeking to speak with professionals in related industries and with interested investors.

This grant was funded by the JWAFS Solution Program

Kishor Nayar presents their project at IdeaStream 2018.