Sulfidation chemistry for decarbonizing processing and production

Year 2022
Project team

Antoine Allanore with Caspar Stinn

>8% of global CO2 emissions comes from mineral conversion
50% of commodity-scale metal production conducted in water-scarce regions
Existing processes are expensive and energy intensive

Striving to meet sustainability goals

Mineral and metal processing methods present a challenge to global efforts to reduce greenhouse gas emissions and conserve water. The production processes are carbon-intensive, relying on heat and electricity from fossil fuels. At the same time, materials separation is heavily dependent on water – and most often conducted in water-stressed regions. Sulfur chemistry presents an alternative method that could reduce environmental impact and production costs. Selective conversion of some species feedstock from oxides to sulfides could enable targeted, carbon-free methods of metal production. This project aims to show proof-of-concept with actual feedstock.

Caspar Stinn presents “Decarbonizing Metal Production” at IdeaStream 2023