The Nanogate: A tunable MEMS LC filter

Year 2002
Project team Alexander Slocum and Jeffrey Lang

Multi-band wireless communications

The Nanogate is a MEMS device capable of nanometer-scale control over separation of two millimeter-scale polished surfaces, resulting in aspect ratios greater than 106. Gap control between two large surfaces with nanometer resolution presents many new opportunities. For example, it could improve the design of devices and instruments such as tunable LC filters or microfluidic control valves that could have implications for drug discovery. This research focused mainly on developing the Nanogate LC for personal multi-band wireless communications devices. The researchers anticipate that they can realize cost savings of up to 20% and better performance. And considering that the annual sales growth in mobile phone handsets is forecast to remain at 15%-20% until 2005, the market is certainly ready.

Active Spectrum

The technology from this project was spun out into a startup company, Active Spectrum.