Non-invasive white cell count prototype

Year 2016
Project team Martha Gray with Carlos Castro-Gonzalez
Chemotherapy treatments often set at conservative dosage
Depends on white blood cell count
Prototype would test cell count more often

Personalized chemotherapy

Several chemotherapy regimens yield better survival when administered with higher frequency and dose. However, because chemotherapy administration can only be given when there is an adequate white blood cell count (to confer the ability to fight infection) the typical treatment is conservatively set at a lower frequency and dose. This project is to develop a noninvasive white blood cell test that enables much more frequent measurement thereby enabling physicians to personalize chemotherapy planning and improve the efficacy and safety of the overall treatment.

Leuko Labs

The technology from this project was spun out into a startup company, Leuko Labs.

Carlos Castro-Gonzalez presents their project at IdeaStream 2018.
Carlos Castro-Gonzalez presents their project at IdeaStream 2017.