System for on-site detection of virus-loaded aerosol

Year 2021
Project team Domitilla Del Vecchio with Huifeng Du, Simone Bruno, and Kalon Overholt
Infectious disease Posing a continuous risk
Early detection of airborne threats
Guide managers On facility safety

Rapid samples of indoor air quality

With major medical epidemics happening every 2-6 years, the spread of infectious disease poses a continuous risk. The global medical community advocates taking steps to reduce the possibility of airborne transmission of viruses. This project focuses on making a device to sample the air of an indoor environment and detect the presence and concentration of a target virus on-site. This device will serve for early detection of high-risk biological threats and for everyday assessment of common pathogen levels. It will guide facility managers on the optimum operation of HVAC systems to save energy and maintain occupant safety.

Huifeng Du presents Rapid Detection of Airborne Pathogens at IdeaStream 2023
Simone Bruno presents “Rapid detection of airborne pathogens” at IdeaStream 2022