On-site soil nutrient analysis system for smallholder farmers

Year 2018
Project team John Hart & Chintan Vaishnav with Michael Arnold

An affordable system

Soil nutrient deficiency is a primary cause of lower crop yields, especially for smallholder farmers. These nutrients can be added using fertilizer. Improving the crop yields would increase agricultural output and increase farm income. To efficiently use fertilizer, a regular soil nutrient analysis is required. However, in low-resource countries, soil analysis is very expensive and is often not done. This project is developing an affordable on-site soil nutrient analysis system, enabling the accurate measurement of nitrate, phosphate, potassium, and pH. The efficient use of fertilizer will also reduce unnecessary applications, saving the farmer money and reducing the environmental impact due to runoff.

This grant was funded by the J-WAFS Solution Program

Michael Arnold presents their project at IdeaStream 2020.
Michael Arnold presents their project at IdeaStream 2019.