Mucin glycan-derived therapeutics for infectious vaginitis

Year 2023
Project team Katharina Ribbeck with Kelsey Wheeler, Liubov Yakovlieva and Caroline Mitchell
Vaginitis responsible for 10 million office visits annually in US
Antibiotics provide only temporary relief
80 percent of bacterial vaginosis patients suffer recurrence within nine months

Treatment inspired by the body’s own defenses

Vaginitis, a common vaginal health condition that causes significant discomfort and impacts most women at least once, is responsible for 10 million office visits annually in the US. Antibiotics and antifungals can provide a temporary cure, but these infections often return and become recurrent problems with no reliable solutions for prevention. This team is developing a mucin-inspired technology that would deliver infection-fighting sugars via a polymer to treat and prevent infectious vaginitis, and ease discomfort.