Conformable ultrasound breast patch

Year 2023
Project team Canan Dagdeviren with Colin Marcus, Md Osman Goni Nayeem, and Lara Ozkan
Early detection of breast cancer key to increasing survival rates
Transducers limited in their ability to scan thoroughly
Ultrasound imaging is expensive and requires skilled operation

A wearable device to detect breast cancer

Early detection of breast cancer is key to increasing patient survival rates. However, the shape and makeup of human breasts are complex and variable. Current transducers are too rigid, bulky and planar to accurately perform whole-breast imaging, and ultrasound imaging is expensive and must be performed by skilled operators. This project is developing a conformable ultrasound breast patch that provides for large-area, deep scanning, and multiangle breast tissue imaging capability. This wearable device could allow people to detect early-stage tumors and increase patient survival rates.