Effective antibody drug discovery against difficult targets

Year 2022
Project team

Brandon DeKosky with Matias Gutierrez

40% of all drugs work through GPCRs
<2% of antibodies target GPCRs
Discovery is difficult with current approaches

Expanding protein targets

Antibodies are used broadly to treat diseases ranging from viral infections to cancer. However, the complexity and cost of the antibody discovery process leaves key membrane protein targets — such as G-protein coupled receptors (GPCRs), ion channels and transporters — largely untouched. Although 40 percent of antibodies work through GPCRs, less than 2 percent of approved antibody drugs target those receptors. This project is developing a platform for more efficient antibody discovery against both viruses and membrane protein targets. The technology could open up new membrane protein targets and enable first-in-class precision medicines.

Matias Gutierrez presents “Antibody Drug Discovery Against Difficult Targets” at IdeaStream 2023