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2023 AI-powered cardiovascular care

Layer Health

2023 Building the AI layer for healthcare — powered by large language models

2Pi Optics

2022 2Pi pioneers disruptive metasurface flat optics to overcome limitations of bulky, complicated and costly systems.


2022 Raman-on-a-chip sensors for real time biological and chemical monitoring.


2022 SanaHeal is developing bioadhesives inspired by the natural world.


2021 AeroShield is developing super-insulating, transparent inserts for windows.


2021 BioDevek is developing biomaterial-based surgical solutions to improve clinical outcomes following internal surgeries.


2021 Osmoses is developing a new membrane for industrial gas and vapor separation.

Window Therapeutics

2021 Window Therapeutics is developing cancer therapies designed to work against diseased cells and not healthy ones.

Coagulo Medical Technologies

2019 Coagulo is transforming medicine with the first portable and connected precision-medicine platform for smarter management of coagulation.

Leuko Labs

2019 Leuko Labs' technology monitors white blood cell levels non-invasively, helping immunosuppressed and chemotherapy patients avoid infections.

Amide Technologies

2018 Developing groundbreaking peptide synthesis by building instruments capable of delivering high-purity peptides quickly.

Inkbit Corporation

2018 Developing the next generation of 3D printers, powered by machine vision and machine learning.

Xibus Systems

2018 A microbiological testing solution applicable to pathogens, allergens and spoiled organisms.

Kronos Bio

2017 Pursuing therapies against some of the most intractable cancer targets.

Via Separations

2017 Via Separations is tackling energy use in process separations by developing a novel, more resilient filtration membrane.

Glympse Bio (Sunbird Bio)

2016 A powerful new paradigm in diagnostics designed to enable earlier, noninvasive detection and monitoring of disease.

PanTher Therapeutics

2016 A revolutionizing technology for the treatment of inoperable locally advanced solid tumors.

Privo Technologies

2016 Privo Technologies, Inc. is developing a nanotechnology-based drug delivery platform through the mucosa.

Suono Bio

2016 Suono Bio is working to revolutionize what therapeutics may be used to treat diseases.


2015 Julia provides a sophisticated compiler, distributed parallel execution, numerical accuracy, and an extensive library of fast mathematical functions.


2014 C2Sense is a start-up developing disruptive gas sensing technologies.


2014 LayerBio is developing a biodegradable nanoparticle drug delivery system for sustained release of an existing FDA-approved glaucoma drug.


2013 Gradiant is a technology-driven water services company offering solutions for oil and gas and water-critical industrial applications.


2012 Akselos provides component-based simulation software for engineers and designers so they can rapidly build simulation models.

Boston Metal

2012 Boston Metal has invented a coal-free, emissions-free method of industrial steel production using electricity.


2012 EyeNetra is developing low cost eye-tests for vision correction.

Finwave (Cambridge Electronics)

2012 Finwave is developing high-performance Gallium Nitride (GaN) power electronic chips.

LiquiGlide (Arnasi Group)

2012 LiquiGlide designs highly slippery, custom coatings for clients in many industries.

Eta Devices (Murata)

2011 Eta Devices focused on developing a high-efficiency power amplifier for cell phones and cell base stations.


2011 ImmuneXcite focused on the efficacy of therapeutic monoclonal antibodies for oncological and infectious disease targets.


2010 Ambri is developing an electricity storage solution that will change the way electric grids are operated worldwide.

Firefly BioWorks (Abcam)

2010 Firefly BioWorks introduced an open platform to develop and use multiplexed assays on standard laboratory instrumentation.

Lantos Technologies

2010 Lantos Technologies is working to commercialize a 3D digital scanner capable of measuring ear canal shape and tissue compliance.

Goby (TeleNav)

2008 A search engine which allows users to quickly and easily find fun activities in their locale or fill their next vacation itinerary.

Hepregen Corporation (Ascendance Biotechnology)

2008 Hepregen Corporation focused on bioengineered solutions for drug development.

TARIS Biomedical

2008 TARIS Biomedical® focused on drug delivery for treating genitourinary conditions.

1366 Technologies (CubicPV)

2007 1366 focused on making the cost of solar power competitive with coal power.

SpringLeaf Therapeutics

2007 SpringLeaf Therapeutics focused on innovative therapeutic modalities to address serious disease and elevate the quality of care for patients.

Arch Therapeutics

2006 Fast safe hemostasis in the operating room and beyond.

Molecular Stamping

2006 Molecular Stamping designs, manufactures and sells DNA microarrays for applications in diagnostic and research.

Active Spectrum

2005 Active Spectrum produces the world's smallest electron spin resonance (ESR/EPR) spectrometer, called Micro-ESR.

QD Vision (Samsung)

2005 QD Vision, Inc. focused on delivering a new generation of display and lighting solutions.

Verayo, Inc.

2005 Verayo focused on authentication and security products based on its patented Silicon DNA technology.

Vertica Systems (HP)

2005 Vertica Analytic Database is a blazing fast data-warehousing software solution that runs on standard hardware.

Myomo, Inc.

2004 Myomo®, Inc. is a medical technology company leading the way in powered bracing devices that restore an individual’s mobility.

Pervasis Therapeutics (Shire)

2004 Pervasis Therapeutics, Inc. focused on biologically active therapeutics to address complex diseases and unmet medical needs.

Brontes Technologies, Inc. (3M)

2003 The Lava Chairside Oral Scanner uses proprietary "3D in Motion" technology to capture continuous 3D video images.