eyeMITRA: Feature revealing computational retinal imaging and predictive analysis

Year 2013
Project team Ramesh Raskar with Amy Canham, Everett Lawson, and Karin Roesch

Retinal imaging

Early detection of diabetic retinopathy allows treatment that can prevent blindness. The high cost of retinal imaging devices and the expertise required to use them makes early detection unavailable to millions around the world. The eyeMITRA technology being developed by this project will bring retinal exams into the realm of routine care at a fraction of the current cost. (Renewal from Fall 2012 grant round).

Ramesh Raskar at TEDMED 2013: How do we look at the future of health with both eyes?
After Ramesh Raskar’s TEDMED presentation, Megagadget caught up with him and fellow researcher Everett Lawson to further discuss their light-based technology.

How Ramesh Raskar is inventing a new field in vision at MIT Media Lab

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