A high-throughput platform for cellular uptake drug screening

Year 2022
Project team

Laurie Boyer with John Hickox Day and Catherine Della Santina

Intracellular drugs could treat many diseases
But they need to get to the right place inside cells
Screening tool will measure precise cellular uptake of a drug

High-resolution intracellular screening of new therapies

To be effective, intracellular drugs such as RNA vaccines, antibody drug conjugates and gene therapies need to get to the right place inside human cells. Many promising new therapeutics fail in early-stage testing, but current drug screening platforms don’t provide enough information to make improvements. This team is developing a high-throughput platform that allows high-resolution imaging and quantification of drug uptake within target cells. These data would provide critical information to more quickly bring safe and effective medication to patients.

John Day presents “High-throughput Platform for Cellular Uptake Drug Discovery” at IdeaStream 2023