Bedside testing of coagulation

Year 2016
Project team James Fox with Galit Frydman
Life-threatening bleeding can arise from many diseases
Timely testing needed for anticoagulants
10 minutes to get reading in new project

Rapid diagnostics

Many diseases disrupt the balance in our blood coagulation system and result in life- threatening bleeding and clotting events. While there have been many new anticoagulant drugs, the lack of timely testing for these new drugs is a crucial limiting factor. This project is developing rapid, bedside blood diagnostics and drug monitoring capabilities to be read in less than 10 minutes.

Coagulo Medical Technologies

The technology from this project was spun out into a startup company, Coagulo Medical Technologies.

Galit Frydman presents their project at IdeaStream 2018.
Galit Frydman presents their project at IdeaStream 2017.