Realizing modern medicine’s dream of immediate hemostasis

Year 2005
Project team

Rutledge Ellis-Behnke

A nanofiber meshwork

Hemostasis, or the cessation of blood loss, is a major challenge confronting healthcare providers on the battlefield, in the ambulance or emergency room, and in surgery. There are several hemostatic agents on the market, but few can be left inside the patient, and none assure immediate and complete hemostasis before clotting. This project will explore the commercialization of a remarkable new compound that rapidly forms a transparent, nanofiber-rich meshwork that stops bleeding instantly, allows wounds to begin healing quickly, promotes tissue regeneration, and breaks down harmlessly within the body. The transparent, fluid material can be easily applied to wet or dry surfaces. Surgery can be performed through it, enabling faster, more accurate, and safer operations. Third party testing shows that the material is non-toxic and safe to use internally and externally. Moreover, it does not require removal, because its breakdown products can be used by cells in the healing process. This project will explore the material’s viability in surgery, post-traumatic treatments, and veterinary medicine, with chronic wound care and consumer first-aid being additional potential markets for this disruptive technology.

Arch Therapeutics

Technology from this project spun out into a company, Arch Therapeutics.