Goby (TeleNav)

Year 2008
Area IT and Communications

A search engine which allows users to quickly and easily find fun activities in their locale or fill their next vacation itinerary.

With Goby you do one search, specifying what you want to do, where and when to find what you need about a desired trip or leisure activity, rather than hopping around from Web site to Web site and sorting through pages and links to often irrelevant info.

Goby explores the depths of the Web to access the richest sources of hard-to-find information for your free time activities. The results are organized in a way that’s easy to understand and use, rather than serving up page after page of Web sites that just happen to contain your key words. Goby was purchased in 2011 by TeleNav.

Integrating the deep web with the shallow web

This company was a spinout of the 2008 project, Integrating the deep web with the shallow web.