1366 Technologies (CubicPV)

Year 2007
Area Energy, Environment and Food, Manufacturing

Solar at the cost of coal. 1366’s mission was to make the cost of solar power competitive with coal power.

1366 Technologies implemented a series of manufacturing innovations to reduce the cost of silicon solar cell production and to improve the efficiency of these cells. In 2021, 1366 merged with Hunt Perovskite Technologies to form a new company, CubicPV.

High efficiency multi-crystalline solar cells

This company is a spinout of the 2007 project, High efficiency multi-crystalline solar cells.

Watch 1366 founder, Frank Van Mierlo’s TEDx Talk titled, How to Power the World for Just Two Cents.

A 15-Year Startup Pins Hopes on Green Subsidies

Government funds will help the solar-component maker finance a fourth factory attempt in battle against China