Firefly BioWorks (Abcam)

Year 2010
Area Devices and Materials, Healthcare and Medical

Firefly BioWorks introduced an open platform that will allow industrial, academic, and clinical scientists to develop and use multiplexed assays on standard laboratory instrumentation.

Their mission was to develop reliable and affordable solutions for the comprehensive monitoring of biological function. In January 2015, Firefly BioWorks was acquired by Abcam.

Rapid multiplexed analysis for molecular diagnostics

This company was a spinout of the 2007 project, Rapid multiplexed analysis for molecular diagnostics.

MicroRNA detection on the cheap

MIT alumni’s startup provides rapid, cost-effective microRNA profiling, which is beneficial for diagnosing diseases.

Watch the CTO and co-founder, Daniel Pregibon, present the Firefly BioWorks story at IdeaStream 2014.