Year 2012
Area IT and Communications, Manufacturing

Akselos, the leading company in the development of component-based Reduced Basis (RB) algorithms, has developed a revolutionary new type of engineering simulation technology.

The underlying technology enables an increase in simulation speed of 1’000 to 10’000, compared to the best-in-class Finite Element Analysis (FEA) software used by engineers today, while preserving accuracy to within 1% of FEA results — thus, largely leapfrogging FEA accuracy when integrating field measures. Hundreds of engineers in the mining, power-generation, and oil and gas industries are now using the software. Akselos is also providing software for an MITx course on structural engineering.

Commercially, Akselos is expanding, hiring more employees in its five branches — in Switzerland, Boston, Vietnam, Chile, and Germany — building a community of users, and planning to continue its involvement with academia.

High resolution simulations for system analysis

This company is a spinout of the 2011 project, High resolution simulations for system analysis.

David Knezevic presents the evolution of Akselos from Dehspande project to startup company at IdeaStream 2016.