Spinout Companies


2021 |

BioDevek is developing biomaterial-based surgical solutions to improve the clinical outcomes following internal surgeries. Read more

Coagulo Medical Technologies

2019 |

Coagulo is transforming medicine with the first portable and connected precision-medicine platform for smarter management of coagulation. Read more

Leuko Labs

2019 |

Leuko Lab’s technology monitors white blood cell levels non-invasively, helping immunosuppressed and chemotherapy patients avoid infections and... Read more

Amide Technologies

2018 |

Developing groundbreaking peptide synthesis by building instruments capable of delivering high-purity peptides quickly. Amide Technologies improves... Read more

Inkbit Corporation

2018 |

Developing the next generation of 3D printers, powered by machine vision and machine learning. This company is a spinout of 2013 project, A Platform... Read more

Xibus Systems

2018 |

A microbiological testing solution applicable to pathogens, allergens and spoiled organisms.  Food and beverage safety remains a multibillion problem... Read more

Via Separations

2017 |

Redefining the limits of membrane filtration Fifteen percent of US energy consumption is dedicated to purifying streams in industrial processes. From... Read more

Kronos Bio

2017 |

Pursuing therapies against some of the most intractable cancer targets. Read more

Privo Technologies

2016 |

Privo Technologies, Inc. is developing a novel, nanotechnology-based drug delivery platform capable of local systemic delivery of a constant,... Read more

PanTher Therapeutics

2016 |

A revolutionizing technology for the treatment of inoperable locally advanced solid tumors. Pancreatic Cancer is one of the most lethal diseases,... Read more

Suono Bio

2016 |

Suono Bio is working to revolutionize what therapeutics may be used to treat diseases. Advances in genomics have enabled a step-shift in our... Read more

Julia Computing

2015 |

Julia is a fresh approach to numerical computing and data science providing a sophisticated compiler, distributed parallel execution, numerical... Read more


2014 |

LayerBio is developing a biodegradable nanoparticle drug delivery system for sustained release of an existing FDA-approved glaucoma drug. It will be... Read more


2014 |

C2Sense is a start-up developing disruptive gas sensing technologies. Wasted food is a global social, political, and economic problem with a direct... Read more

Glympse Bio

2013 |

A powerful new paradigm in diagnostics designed to enable earlier, noninvasive detection and monitoring of disease. These diagnostics will provide... Read more


2013 |

Gradiant is a technology-driven water services company offering solutions for oil and gas and water-critical industrial applications. They provide... Read more


2012 |

Akselos provides component-based simulation software for engineers and designers so they can rapidly build simulation models.   Read more

Boston Metal

2012 |

Boston Metal strives for a world with no pollution from metals production, and has invented a coal-free, emissions free method of industrial steel... Read more


2012 |

LiquiGlide designs highly slippery, custom coatings for clients in many industries.  The coatings are based on a multi-layer liquid-impregnated... Read more

Cambridge Electronics

2012 |

Cambridge Electronics is developing high-performance Gallium Nitride (GaN) power electronic chips.  These will reduce the volume of many power... Read more