Spinout Companies

Kronos Bio

2018 |

Pursuing therapies against some of the most intractable cancer targets. Read more

Via Separations

2017 |

Redefining the limits of membrane filtration Fifteen percent of US energy consumption is dedicated to purifying streams in industrial processes. From... Read more

Privo Technologies

2016 |

Privo Technologies, Inc. is developing a novel, nanotechnology-based drug delivery platform capable of local systemic delivery of a constant,... Read more

Julia Computing

2015 |

Julia is a fresh approach to numerical computing and data science providing a sophisticated compiler, distributed parallel execution, numerical... Read more


2014 |

LayerBio is developing a biodegradable nanoparticle drug delivery system for sustained release of an existing FDA-approved glaucoma drug. It will be... Read more


2014 |

C2Sense is a start-up developing disruptive gas sensing technologies. Wasted food is a global social, political, and economic problem with a direct... Read more


2013 |

Gradiant is a technology-driven water services company offering solutions for oil and gas and water-critical industrial applications. They provide... Read more


2012 |

Akselos provides component based simulation software for engineers and designers so they can very rapidly build simulation models.   Read more


2012 |

LiquiGlide designs highly slippery, custom coatings for clients in many industries.  The coatings are based on a multi-layer liquid-impregnated... Read more

Cambridge Electronics

2012 |

Cambridge Electronics is developing high-performance Gallium Nitride (GaN) power electronic chips.  These will reduce the volume of many power... Read more


2012 |

EyeNetra is developing low cost eye-tests for vision correction.  Its mobile phone based diagnostic tool can quickly measure for nearsightedness,... Read more


2011 |

ImmuneXcite is developing a disease and cancer therapy by enhancing the efficacy of therapeutic monoclonal antibodies for oncological and infectious... Read more

Eta Devices

2011 |

Eta Devices is developing a high efficiency power amplifier for cell phones and cell base stations that will improve battery life and reduce base... Read more

Lantos Technologies

2010 |

Lantos Technologies, is working to commercialize 3D digital scanner capable of measuring ear canal shape and tissue compliance. This method will... Read more

Firefly BioWorks (Abcam)

2010 |

Firefly BioWorks is introducing an open platform that will allow industrial, academic, and clinical scientists to develop and use multiplexed assays... Read more

Ambri (formerly Liquid Metal Battery Corporation)

2010 |

Ambri (formerly Liquid Metal Battery Corporation) is developing an electricity storage solution that will change the way electric grids are operated... Read more

TARIS Biomedical

2008 |

TARIS Biomedical® is a product-focused drug delivery company treating genitourinary conditions with deep domain expertise in the local delivery and... Read more

Hepregen Corporation (Ascendance Biotechnology)

2008 |

Hepregen Corporation is developing bioengineered solutions for drug development, including a platform for advanced toxicity screening and drug... Read more

Goby (TeleNav)

2008 |

A search engine which allows users to quickly and easily find fun activities in their locale or fill their next vacation itinerary. With Goby you do... Read more

1366 Technologies

2007 |

Solar at the cost of coal. 1366’s mission is to make the cost of solar power competitive with coal power. 1366 Technologies is implementing a series... Read more