Gaurav Mehta

Title Co-founder CEO and Advisor

Gaurav Mehta is an accomplished entrepreneur with extensive experience in building, scaling, and transforming companies across biotech, medtech, digital health AI, and tech sectors. With a robust background in global multinational corporations and a deep understanding of technical and business dynamics, Gaurav excels in strategic thinking, asset optimization, and driving growth through innovative partnerships and pivots.

Gaurav thrives as an advisor, operator, or independent consultant. His expertise includes guiding ventures through fundraising, navigating complex global regulatory frameworks, and executing strategic pivots. Gaurav has a proven track record of minimizing investor risk, enhancing company resilience, and establishing sustainable revenue streams by leveraging assets to create diversified growth pathways.

In addition to his role at the MIT Deshpande Center, Gaurav has mentored at VentureWell, UMass M2D2 Life Sciences Incubator, and Techstars Boston, helping ventures tackle the challenges of early-stage growth.

Gaurav holds a Biomedical Engineering degree from Boston University and an MBA from the Massachusetts Institute of Technology, blending technical expertise with strategic business acumen to drive ventures toward success.