Alex Rosiewicz

Title A2E Partners Founding Partner

Alex Rosiewicz set up A2E Partners, a consulting company assisting small and large photonics companies with technical, strategic, business and corporate activities.

Alex graduated from Glasgow University, Scotland with a PhD in Solid State Physics studying the densities of states in amorphous semiconductors.

He developed optical fibers and semiconductor lasers at Standard Telecommunication Laboratories in the UK before becoming Director of Engineering at Lasertron in MA. There he developed semiconductor lasers including DFB lasers and 980nm pump lasers, high reliability packaging technologies and integrated modules.

At Micracor and Q-Peak he lead the companies in developing solid-state, external cavity and optically pumped semiconductor lasers. He cofounded EM4 Inc in 2000 selling it to Gooch & Housego in 2013. The company focused on hybrid optoelectronic integration with a particular emphasis on space and defense.

Since 2019 he has worked as the Chief Scientist US for NKT Photonics Inc.