Active Projects

Bedside Testing of Coagulation

2016 | James Fox with Galit Frydman

Many diseases disrupt the balance in our blood coagulation system and result in life- threatening bleeding and clotting events.  While there have... Read more

Efficient Drug Discovery Screening

2016 | Paul Blainey with Anthony Kulesa, Jared Kehe and, et al.

In the United States, antibiotic-resistant infections cause >23,000 deaths and $20-35 billion in direct healthcare costs. Modern biology... Read more

Active Structural Batteries

2016 | Angela Belcher with Alan Ransil

Currently 60-90% of the weight of the battery package in an electric car or an Unmanned Aerial Vehicle (UAV) is inactive - does not contribute to... Read more

Low-Cost Water Filter Using Sapwood Xylem

2016 | Rohit Karnik and Amy Smith with Krithika Ramchander, et al.

This project explores a novel approach to address the largely unmet need for providing safe and affordable drinking water to low-income groups by... Read more

Convection Enhanced Electrochemical Energy Storage

2016 | Fikile Brushett with Thomas Carney

Modern enclosed rechargeable batteries are generally limited in performance because inactive components occupy a majority of the battery weight and... Read more

Novel Approaches to Antibody-Drug Conjugates

2015 | Stephen Buchwald and Bradley Pentelute with Timothy, et al.

Antibody-Drug Conjugates (ADCs) for cancer therapy are synthesized by attaching cytotoxic small molecule drugs to monoclonal antibodies, using... Read more