Active Projects

Multiplexed measurement of miRNA in tissue sections

2019 | Patrick Doyle with Frank Slack, Maxwell Nagarajan and, et al.

Spatially-resolved gene expression patterns are emerging as a key component of medical studies, including companion diagnostics, yet technologies... Read more

Novel nature-inspired bioadhesives for tissue...

2019 | Xuanhe Zhao with Christoph Nabzdyk and Hyunwoo Yuk

The removal of diseased tissue and the re-connection of the remaining healthy tissues (anastomosis) are cornerstones of surgery. Rates of tissue... Read more

Antimicrobial & easy-care SmartPE fabrics

2019 | Svetlana V. Boriskina & Gang Chen with Marcelo Lozano &, et al.

Conventional fabrics absorb body heat and perspiration, providing fertile ground for bacterial growth. Textile production pollutes water with... Read more

Learned Control of Manufacturing Processes

2019 | Brian Anthony

The control of a manufacturing process is critical in maintaining the consistent quality of materials or products. Machine learning, especially... Read more

Early detection system for crop pathosystems

2019 | Olivier de Weck with Maxwell Robinson

Huanglongbing (HLB), or citrus greening disease, is incurable and threatens the survival of the U.S. citrus industry. Current detection strategies... Read more