Ultrawide field-of-view metasurface flat-optics platform

Juejun Hu & Tian Gu with Mikhail Shalaginov


This project is developing novel metasurface flat optics for ultra-compact, high-performance optical imaging, sensing, projection, and display. The technology features: a hemispherical 180° field of view; high-resolution, aberration-free performance over the entire field of view; a simple and ultra-compact architecture involving a single flat optical component; and a planar focal plane ideal for optical system integration. The architecture can be tailored for both detecting and emitting light beams over a wide range of operation wavelengths. It would enable applications such as ultrawide-angle 3D sensing, eye tracking, retinal imaging, light detection and ranging (LiDAR), and immersive augmented reality and virtual reality.

Read about this research in MIT News: https://news.mit.edu/2020/flat-fisheye-lens-0918

Watch Tian Gu present Ultrawide-Field-of-View Metasurface Flat Optics at IdeaStream 2021.