A prototype of low-cost aluminum molten salt battery for nonintermittent off-grid power supply

Donald Sadoway with Ji Zhao and Sherrie Qian

Simulation of the electrolyte

Renewable sources of energy such as wind and photovoltaic solar require storage batteries to deliver energy when the sun is not shining, or the wind is not blowing. However, the high cost of batteries has limited their widespread deployment. This team aims to demonstrate a prototype of a radically new battery based on aluminum metal and common molten salt. With a target cost of electrodes and electrolyte below $10/kWh and a self-sustaining operating temperature of below 150°C, this battery would meet all the performance requirements of stationary electricity storage, including that of the single-family home.

Watch Donald Sadoway present Extremely Low-Cost Aluminum/Molten Salt Battery for Off-Grid Power Supply at IdeaStream 2021.