Polymer membranes with exceptional performance and stability

Zachary Smith & Timothy Swager with Francesco Benedetti, Mason Wu, Sharon Lin

The development of polymeric materials for commercial membrane-based gas separations has stagnated for a quarter of a century. This project is developing an approach to make processable polymers featuring a flexible backbone connected to tunable, rigid, pore-generating side chains. With record stabilities under aggressive feeds, these polymers are a promising platform of materials to replace current gas-separation membranes.

The technology from this project was spun out into a startup company, Osmoses.

Watch Francesco Benedetti present Transforming Chemical Separations Using Polymer Membranes with Exceptional Performance and Stability at IdeaStream 2021.

Watch Francesco Benedetti present A New Class of Polymer Membranes With Exceptional Performance and Stability at IdeaStream 2020.