Past Projects

Ionic colloidal crystals, tiny structures with...

2003 | Yet-Ming Chiang

Ionic colloidal crystals (ICC) are an exciting family of materials that have fascinating properties. Cousins of naturally occurring opal gemstones,... Read more

A new approach for speech recognition

2003 | Thomas Knight

Speech is our most natural communication medium, but difficulties with present-day speech-recognition algorithms prevent its widespread use in our... Read more

An accurate, inexpensive cardiac screening system

2003 | John Guttag

Eighty percent of the people referred to cardiologists as suffering from mitral valve prolapse (MVP) do not actually have MVP. This is in large part... Read more

New engine to replace diesel

2003 | Bill Green

The $73 billion world market for diesel engines is a plum incentive for developing a less polluting alternative engine. Diesel engines produce a... Read more

Slow down warning system for safe highways

2003 | Eric Feron

The statistics tell the story: brake lights have limited benefits when it comes to highway safety. The millions of collisions that occur every year... Read more

Powered joint braces to help the mobility-impaired

2003 | Team: Woodie Flowers with John Bean and Kailas, et al.

Ten million of the 21 million Americans with disabilities have difficulty lifting a light object or need help with activities of daily living. Twenty... Read more

Image Analysis for Digital Cameras

2003 | William Freeman

Worldwide shipments of digital cameras have been growing at double-digit rates, and revenues are in the billions of dollars. But for all of their... Read more

Nanocrystal non-Volatile Memory Devices

2003 | Vladimir Bulovic and Moungi Bewendi

In the drive to build more powerful, smaller, faster computing systems, this research seeks to develop better-performing "non-volatile memory" -... Read more

Metallization on Solar Cells

2003 | Emanuel Sachs

When it comes to producing solar cells, the largest cost comes from putting metal electrodes on the cell. The electrodes have to make good contact... Read more

A cheaper, greener way to produce titanium

2003 | Donald Sadoway

Since its discovery, titanium has been used in new alloys and production techniques to meet ever-tighter standards for high-temperature performance,... Read more

3D circuit boards to enhance electronics at low cost

2003 | David Perrault

Printed circuit boards (PCBs) form the backbone of many kinds of electronic systems and represent a market topping $30 billion annually.... Read more

Advanced algorithms to increase wireless network...

2003 | Greg Wornell

Next-generation wireless video services will constitute an exploding market over the next few years. Current cellular and wireless LAN... Read more

A new device for non-invasive tissue biopsy

2003 | Peter So

A traditional endoscope is well suited for detection and intervention of disease. However, using it for diagnosis is an invasive and time-consuming... Read more

A simpler way to make microelectronic devices

2003 | Caroline Ross

Smart cards, smart sensors, merchandise tags - these are only a few of the many potential applications that could benefit from a simple, low-cost... Read more

Reusable Deformations For Computer Animation

2003 | Jovan Popovic

Pervasive in feature films, special effects, instructional videos, and computer games, animation has become a major part of our entertainment and... Read more

Exploiting Molecular Conformation Changes

2002 | Marco Baldo

One of the many compelling attractions of molecular semiconductors is their ability to change shape. That's why this project is so exciting: its... Read more

High Speed 3-D Imaging

2002 | Douglas Hart

This technology aims to convert any ordinary CCD camera (from microscopes to surveillance cameras) into a 3-D imaging system that can be used for... Read more

Tissue Engineering

2002 | Robert Langer and Elazer Edelman

Restoring, maintaining and improving tissue function has enormous market potential. In fact, it's estimated to be $80 billion annually in the USA... Read more

Carbon Nanotube Manufacturing

2002 | Sang-Gook Kim

After a decade of research, scientists know that carbon nanotubes hold the promise of creating novel devices such as single-electron transistors,... Read more

Automatically Generated System Specs

2002 | Michael Ernst

Complex systems are notoriously difficult to understand, control, and modify. And software systems pose a particular problem, because of their large... Read more