Past Projects

Novel conductors for flexible, robust electronic...

2005 | Karen Gleason

The standard transparent conducting electrode material for displays and other electronics, indium tin oxide (ITO), is brittle and cracks easily upon... Read more

Realizing modern medicine's dream of immediate...

2005 | Rutledge Ellis-Behnke

Hemostasis, or the cessation of blood loss, is a major challenge confronting healthcare providers on the battlefield, in the ambulance or emergency... Read more

Finding early-stage cancers using novel contrast...

2005 | Clark Colton

Cancer deaths could be dramatically reduced with improved medical imaging techniques for detecting early-stage tumors. While current techniques—MRI (... Read more

Nanotechnology process enables fast discovery of...

2005 | Angela Belcher, David Clapham and Davide Marini

Embedded in the membranes of all living cells, ion channels are specialized, transistor-like proteins that transmit electrical signals necessary for... Read more

Low-cost multispectral infrared detector arrays

2005 | Lionel Kimerling and Anuradha Murthy Agarwal

Many defense programs, such as military night-vision applications, use infrared focal plane arrays (FPAs) for detection and intelligence. These... Read more

Short-warp weaving for fast-changing fashions

2005 | Samir Nayfeh

Profitability in the upscale apparel market depends greatly on production meeting rapidly changing demand for new fashions and styles. But fabric... Read more

Contact printing - bridging nano-lithography with...

2005 | Francesco Stellacci

Nano-devices are the wave of the future, but creating them remains an extremely slow process. This project seeks to develop a new method called nano-... Read more

Ultra-fast low acutation voltage RF MEMS switch

2004 | George Barbastathis

Manufacturers in industries from cell phones to satellites are looking for ways to create next-generation radio frequency products, even as current... Read more

Novel ice-cream production method

2004 | John Brisson

The estimated 10.9 million liters of ice cream produced each year are made via a process that hasn’t changed much since the invention of the hand-... Read more

Making 3G and 4G a reality with low-cost amplifiers...

2004 | Chiping Chen

Wireless operators are continuously striving to reduce the cost of delivering voice and data to their customers. The high cost of building and... Read more

Slim-Format Spectrometer

2004 | Vladimir Bulovic

The proposed technology, a compact, rugged, inexpensive optical spectrometer, would greatly improve the performance of field applications like point-... Read more

Tonal Management for Digital Photography and Video

2004 | Fredo Durand

As resolution, or number of megapixels, in digital cameras reaches a plateau that matches most casual needs, better tonal and color processing are... Read more

Accelerating innovation in the chemistry lab with...

2004 | Klavs Jensen

Today's chemistry laboratories operate very much like they did in Thomas Edison's day 100 years ago — with elaborate and time-consuming experiments... Read more

Authenticating and Protecting Digital Information...

2004 | Srini Devadas

Secret keys embedded in portable and consumer devices protect owners from electronic fraud and content providers from illegal use of content. Those... Read more

HexFlex - Enabling nanofabrication with a six-axis...

2004 | Martin Culpepper

Positioning and alignment are core components of manufacturing processes and research activities, and nanomanipulators carry out these functions with... Read more

Engineered electrode assemblies for PEM fuel cells

2004 | Yang Shao-Horn

Fuel cells—electrochemical engines that combine hydrogen and oxygen to produce electricity—show promise as a solution to both "global warming" and to... Read more

Low-cost x-ray imaging systems

2004 | Richard Lanza

Given today's costs, two-thirds of the world population will never be able to have an x-ray to diagnose life-threatening illnesses such as... Read more

Microfluidic platform for high-density multiplexed...

2004 | Todd Thorsen

Advances in genomic and proteomic research have generated a strong need to reduce the costs and increase the capabilities of hybridization assays... Read more

Hybrid DBMS optimized for read-intensive...

2004 | Michael Stonebraker

The structure of today's most popular relational database management systems (DBMS) is not efficient for data warehouse applications. Today's... Read more

Growth of long, strong carbon nanotube fibers

2004 | Alexander Slocum

Since the discovery of carbon nanotubes in 1991, applications of carbon nanotube-based materials have been fantasized. Carbon nanotubes have 10-50... Read more