Past Projects

Chemical Production of Functionalized Graphene for...

2009 | Timothy Swager

Graphene, a sheet of carbon one atom thick, is the thinnest and strongest known material. There are many commercial applications where graphene could... Read more

A Wearable Sensor for Continuous Glucose Monitoring...

2009 | Team: Michael Strano with Jin-Ho Ahn, Paul Barone, et al.

Diabetes patients require frequent monitoring of blood glucose so they can take action to avoid complications due to frequent hyper- and hypoglycemia... Read more

MEMS for Large Area and Flexible Applications

2009 | Vladimir Bulovic

There are many applications for (MEMS) in large area applications for sensing and actuation that are cost prohibitive with current silicon wafer... Read more

New Antibiotic Target

2008 | Team: Graham Walker with Bryan Davies, Asha Jacob, et al.

There is an urgent need for new classes of broad-spectrum antibiotics. Only three new classes of antibiotics have been discovered since 1962... Read more

A Novel Device for Label-free Cell Rolling...

2008 | Team: Rohit Karnik and Jeffrey Karp with Suman Bose, et al.

This project will demonstrate the feasibility of a label-free, non-invasive technique of continuous-flow cell separation requiring minimal sample... Read more

Digital Ear Canal Scanner

2008 | Douglas Hart

Hearing loss affects hundreds of millions of people worldwide. The performance of hearing aids is directly related to how closely they fit the ear... Read more

Stable Inorganic-organic Hybrid Light Emitting...

2008 | Karen Gleason

Organic light emitting diodes (OLEDs) currently employed in portable displays such as cellular phone and digital music player displays are sensitive... Read more

A New Architecture for Highly Efficient, Broadband...

2008 | Team: Joel Dawson and David Perreault with Sungwon, et al.

There is an increasing demand for the transmission of wireless data. However transmitting more data wirelessly uses more energy, reducing the battery... Read more

Supervalent Battery

2008 | Donald Sadoway

In the rechargeable battery field, the quest for higher energy density at lower cost will require radical innovation if we are to get beyond today's... Read more

Developing Novel Strategies to Arrest Biofilms

2008 | Susan Lindquist

Biofilm infections account for several billion dollars in health care costs every year. To establish successful infection, bacteria encase themselves... Read more

Quantitative Diagnostic for Allergies Using Single-...

2008 | J. Christopher Love

Allergies are now the 5th leading cause of chronic disease. This growing epidemic currently affects more than 50 million Americans at a cost of ~$18B... Read more

Integrating the Deep Web with the Shallow Web

2008 | Michael Stonebraker

This project will provide sophisticated search capability for the “deep web” of pages dynamically generated from data entered into forms. The... Read more

A 3 Dimensional Lithographic Microfabrication System

2008 | Peter So

The efficiency of photolithography for 2D microfabrication is responsible for ushering in the microelectronics era. This project will use a novel 3D... Read more

Pericardial Intoropic Drug Delivery for Heart...

2007 | Team: Elazer Edelman with Mark Lovich

A unique means of safely administering perioperative drugs for heart failure patients. Read more

High throughput cell microinjector

2007 | Klavs Jensen

Scientific progress in areas ranging from stem cell research to cancer biology has been slowed by the inability of researchers to efficiently inject... Read more

CD-4 T Lymphocyte-Counting Microchip

2007 | Utkan Demirci and Martha Gray

More than 35 million HIV-infected people live in the developing world, where resources are scarce. The World Health Organization has stated that... Read more

Compound to Enhance Immune Stimulation

2007 | Gerald Fink and Ifat Rubin-Bejerano

Monoclonal antibodies, currently a means of enabling speedier and more economic drug development, also have enormous untapped potential for use in... Read more

Rapid Multiplexed Analysis for Molecular Diagnostics

2007 | Team: Patrick Doyle with Daniel Pregibon

Molecular diagnostics is a multi-billion dollar market that directly impacts the progression in a variety of important medical research; from cancer... Read more

High efficiency multi-crystalline solar cells

2007 | Emanuel Sachs

Well over half of the current $10B photovoltaic (PV) market is based on multi-crystalline silicon wafers that operate at an approximate 16%... Read more

Phase contrast X-ray imaging

2007 | Richard Lanza

The basic principle of x-ray imaging; relying solely on the difference in absorption as the source of contrast, has remained essentially unchanged... Read more