Past Projects

Targeting Oral Cancer

2012 | Team: Manijeh Goldberg with Erkin Ayden, Kuan Chen, and, et al.

The current treatment of oral cancer is to intravenously administer a highly toxic chemotherapy drug with systemic side effects. This project is... Read more

Enabling the Oral Delivery of Macromolecules: The...

2011 | Team: Daniel Anderson with Carl Schoellhammer, Avi, et al.

The past two decades have witnessed a revolution in the development and successful implementation of macromolecules as drugs including, monoclonal... Read more

Treatment of water produced from shale gas...

2011 | Team: Gang Chen with Anurag Bajpayee

In hydraulic fracturing of shale gas, large quantities of highly saline water are produced. This water needs to be treated to remove the dissolved... Read more

Implantable Drug Delivery Device for Ovarian Cancer

2011 | Team: Michael Cima with Michael Birrer, Marcela, et al.

The delivery of chemotherapy drugs for ovarian cancer currently requires injecting the drugs via a catheter many times, over several weeks. The... Read more

High resolution simulations for system analysis

2011 | Team: Anthony Patera with Phuong Huynh, David Knezevic, et al.

New generation of computer simulations that are component-­based, parametrized and fast. The underlying technology accelerates high resolution finite... Read more

WikiDo: Large-Scale Automation of Computer Tasks

2010 | Team: Dina Katabi with Regina Barzilay, Satchuthanan R., et al.

A software platform that will reduce the cost and time for computer support and maintenance – by automatically capturing best practices and solutions... Read more

Dislocation Density Reduction in Multicrystalline...

2010 | Team: Tonio Buonassisi with Sergio Castellanos, et al.

This project aims to demonstrate a scalable method to eliminate bulk defects in commercial solar cell materials (including silicon blocks or wafers... Read more

A Robotically Steered Electrode for Tumor Ablation

2010 | Team: Alexander Slocum with Rajiv Gupta, Nobuhiko Hata, et al.

Conventional thermal ablation for treating cancer is limited in precision and configurability as straight needle-like electrodes are manually... Read more

A Low-cost Mobile Diagnostic Tool for Self-...

2010 | Team: Ramesh Raskar with Chika Ekeji and Vitor Pamplona

Hundreds of millions of people, especially in developing countries have uncorrected refractive errors affecting their daily livelihood and leads to... Read more

On-Chip Diagnostic Device

2010 | Team: Geoffrey Beach with Elizabeth Rapoport

Functionalized superparamagnetic beads are the biomedical industry workhorse for tagging, manipulating, and detecting chemical and biological species... Read more

Tissue-Specific Adhesive Materials

2010 | Team: Elazer Edelman with Natalie Artzi, Joel Goldberg, et al.

A big problem after internal surgeries is leakage at the surgical site, leading to complications and inhibiting recovery. This project developed a... Read more

Device for Treatment of Cerebral Edema

2009 | Team: Michael Cima with Robert Carter, Fred Hochberch, et al.

Patients with brain tumors, radiation therapy, or brain surgery often have edema (accumulation of fluid) arising from inflammation in the brain. This... Read more

Nano-engineered Surfaces for Ultra High Power...

2009 | Team: Kripa Varanasi with HyukMin Kwon, Christopher J., et al.

As electronics become denser and consume higher power they generate considerable heat. This heat must be removed rapidly for the devices to function... Read more

Chemical Production of Functionalized Graphene for...

2009 | Timothy Swager

Graphene, a sheet of carbon one atom thick, is the thinnest and strongest known material. There are many commercial applications where graphene could... Read more

A Wearable Sensor for Continuous Glucose Monitoring...

2009 | Team: Michael Strano with Jin-Ho Ahn, Paul Barone, et al.

Diabetes patients require frequent monitoring of blood glucose so they can take action to avoid complications due to frequent hyper- and hypoglycemia... Read more

MEMS for Large Area and Flexible Applications

2009 | Vladimir Bulovic

There are many applications for (MEMS) in large area applications for sensing and actuation that are cost prohibitive with current silicon wafer... Read more

New Antibiotic Target

2008 | Team: Graham Walker with Bryan Davies, Asha Jacob, et al.

There is an urgent need for new classes of broad-spectrum antibiotics. Only three new classes of antibiotics have been discovered since 1962... Read more

A Novel Device for Label-free Cell Rolling...

2008 | Team: Rohit Karnik and Jeffrey Karp with Suman Bose, et al.

This project will demonstrate the feasibility of a label-free, non-invasive technique of continuous-flow cell separation requiring minimal sample... Read more

Digital Ear Canal Scanner

2008 | Douglas Hart

Hearing loss affects hundreds of millions of people worldwide. The performance of hearing aids is directly related to how closely they fit the ear... Read more

Stable Inorganic-organic Hybrid Light Emitting...

2008 | Karen Gleason

Organic light emitting diodes (OLEDs) currently employed in portable displays such as cellular phone and digital music player displays are sensitive... Read more