Past Projects

Platform Device for Non-Invasive Gastrointestinal...

2015 | Timothy Lu with Mark Mimee, Isaak Mueller, and Jacob, et al.

This device will enable the detection and reporting of gastrointestinal disease biomarkers in a non-invasive and near-real-time fashion, thus... Read more

Effective PTSD Drug Therapy

2015 | Ki Goosens with Vikash Mansinghka and Mireya Nadal, et al.

The team has shown that the stress hormone, ghrelin, plays a key role in post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD). This project will focus on... Read more

Integrated Optical Sensors for Fault Detection in...

2015 | James Kirtley, Mahmoud Rasras, and Hatem Zeineldin with, et al.

Electrical systems need to rapidly detect current overlads to shut down and isolate transformers and other components. Existing sensing devices can... Read more

Electrochromic Metal Organic Frameworks for Smart...

2015 | Mircea Dinca, Clara Dimas and Farrukh Ahmad with Khalid, et al.

Electrochromic windows that can change from transparent to dark, reduces the amount of energy required to heat and cool buildings. This project is... Read more

Transparency-Switching Materials for Reactive Sun...

2015 | Alfredo Alexander-Katz and Matteo Chiesa with Harry, et al.

As the sun moves, roof-top PV solar panels lose efficiency, if they do not track the sun. This project is developing self-tracking solar... Read more

Drug-eluting Platform Device to Locally Treat...

2014 | Elazer Edelman with Laura Indolfi and David Ting

Pancreatic cancer is a devastating therapy-resistant disease. By locally delivering a large amount of drugs directly into a tumor mass via devices,... Read more

Fluorinated Non-Stick Coatings for High Performance...

2014 | Yogesh Surendranath with Sterling Chu

This project will develop a novel passivation method for high surface carbon electrodes using fluorocarbon film. The proposed coating can be applied... Read more

Wavelength-Selective Light Scattering for...

2014 | Marin Soljacic with Emma Anquilare, Austin Clark, Eric, et al.

This project explores a new type of transparent display based on the wavelength-selective scattering of light from nanostructures. The advantages of... Read more

A Drug Delivery Platform for Sustained Treatment of...

2014 | Martha Gray and Jeffrey Karp with Tony Aliprantis, Omid, et al.

This project will create a delivery systems for the treatment of inflammatory diseases, such as arthritis. The system would release a measured amount... Read more

Electrochemically-Mediated Carbon Dioxide Capture

2014 | T. Alan Hatton with Aly El-Tayeb and Ryan Shaw

Current CO2 capture technology is energy intensive, expensive, and difficult to integrate with existing infrastructure. This project will develop a... Read more

Covert and Robust Micron-Scale Tags for Anti-...

2014 | Patrick Doyle with Paul Bisso

This project will develop new methods to covertly encode objects such as pharmaceutical packaging, currency, and electronics using smartphone-... Read more

Globally Optimal Engineering System Design

2014 | Marc Baldo with Paul Azunre

The design of thin film optical interference coatings remains more art than science. This project is developing the first algorithm which can... Read more

Novel module configurations for high efficiency...

2014 | John Lienhard and Hassan Arafat with Faisal Al Marzooqi, et al.

This grant is funded by the MIT Masdar Institute Cooperative Program Focused on high energy efficient water desalination, this project will develop a... Read more

Wastewater Treatment: integration of electro-...

2014 | Jing Kong and Shadi Hasan with Menatalla Ahmed, Khalid, et al.

This project will focus on the development of a novel wastewater treatment system which combines nanowires filtration and bio-electrochemical... Read more

Low cost rapid algal bloom sensing device

2014 | Anuradha Agarwal and Prashanth Marpu with Zhaohong Han, et al.

Harmful algal blooms (HABs) occur when algae grow rapidly due to a combination of warm water temperatures, high nutrient levels such as phosphorus... Read more

Scalable Photonic Links for Ethernet Systems

2013 | Team: Michael Watts with Jonathan Bradley, Michele, et al.

Network limitations can have an adverse affect on the performance of large-scale computing systems such as data centers. This project will integrate... Read more

Shape Memory Ceramic Actuators

2013 | Team: Chris Schuh with Alan Lai

Shape memory materials are solid state actuators that can produce both large forces and displacements, making them ideal materials for actuation... Read more

Fast Flow Peptides

2013 | Team: Bradley Pentelute and Klavs Jensen with Andrea, et al.

Peptides are an important and growing area of therapeutics. The development of peptide-based pharmaceuticals requires the synthesis of custom peptide... Read more

A Platform for Multi-Material Fabrication

2013 | Team: Wojciech Matusik with Desai Chen, Moira Forberg, et al.

Current multi-material additive manufacturing systems have many limitations with regards to both software and hardware. This project proposes to... Read more

High Resolution Digital Printing of Particulate...

2013 | Team: John Hart with Justin Beroz

There is a growing need for innovative printing technologies that can adapt to emerging electronic and biological materials, with compatibility to... Read more