Active Projects

Optically Transparent Thermally Insulating...

2017 | Evelyn Wang, Gang Chen, Xuanhe Zhao with Elise Strobach, et al.

Single-pane windows are the most energy inefficient component of our buildings, accounting for about $12 billion annually due to high heat losses. ... Read more

Engineered Binding Proteins as Replacements for...

2017 | Hadley Sikes with Eric Miller and Ki Joo Sung

Protein biomarkers can be used to indicate illness and injury in humans and in organisms that are consumed as food. Assay development is limited by... Read more

Low-cost Spectroscopy Solutions for Raman Sensing...

2017 | Rajeev Ram with Amir Atabaki

The cost and size of high-performance spectroscopy instruments often limits their application. This project leverages recent advances in photonic... Read more

Engineered Protein Treatments for Hair Repair and...

2017 | Bradley Olsen with Sieun Kim and Lavinia Popescou 

Repeated washing, drying, straightening, and dyeing of hair breaks the protective cuticle and damages the hair. Treatment with lipids protects the... Read more

Digital 3D Printing of Microparticles

2017 | John Hart with Justin Beroz and Ulrich Muecke 

On-demand production, especially for complex and high value parts, would be valuable to many industries. Additive manufacturing processes broadly aim... Read more

Development of a Synthetic Substrate for the...

2017 | Linda Griffith, Paula Hammond with Marianna Sofman

As the prevalence of neurodegenerative diseases continues to grow, there has been increased attention towards advancing stem cell therapies. This... Read more

Non-Invasive Hydration Sensor for Elderly Care

2017 | Luca Daniel, Martha Gray with Ian Butterworth 

Particularly in older people, dehydration is the spark that can initiate dire clinical consequences, including falls, kidney failure, and increased... Read more

Local Drug Delivery for Facilitating Expedited...

2017 | Michael Cima with Christopher Lee and Brian Eisner

Twelve percent of men and five percent of women will experience at least one symptomatic urinary stone by age 70. Stones when lodged in the ureter... Read more

Solid-State Color Pixel for E-Paper Displays

2017 | Geoff Beach with Mantao Huang

E-paper consumes minimal power and is more comfortable to read than light-emitting displays. However, existing technologies use fluid-based cells... Read more

Structured Nucleic Acid Nanoparticle Therapeutic...

2017 | Mark Bathe, Darrell Irvine, Feng Zhang with Remi, et al.

Targeted, efficient delivery of nucleic acid therapeutics is one of the largest current bottlenecks to the treatment of human diseases. This project... Read more

Reducing Runoff and Environmental Impact of...

2017 | Kripa Varanasi with Maher Damak

This project is developing novel spray formulations to improve the application of agricultural pesticides. These new formulations enable the... Read more

Developing Intelligent Selective Electrodialysis...

2017 | John Lienhard with Kishor Nayar and Amit Kumar

This project seeks to improve agricultural practices and crop yield, especially for hydroponic growers. The team is developing a system called... Read more

Field-scale Quality Assurance in India’s Dairy...

2017 | Sanjay Sarma with Pranay Jain

Milk procurement in India’s dairy industry is complicated, uncontrolled, and vulnerable to tampering.  The safety and quality of milk products are... Read more

Digital Tools for In-Field Data Collection

2016 | Chris Zegras with Daniel Heriberto Palencia Arreola and, et al.

The promise of “big data” does not ensure that the right data will make it into the right hands to solve today’s urban challenges. Flocktracker... Read more

Non-invasive white cell count prototype

2016 | Martha Gray with Carlos Castro-Gonzalez

Several chemotherapy regimens yield better survival when administered with higher frequency and dose.  However, because chemotherapy administration... Read more

Bedside Testing of Coagulation

2016 | James Fox with Galit Frydman

Many diseases disrupt the balance in our blood coagulation system and result in life- threatening bleeding and clotting events.  While there have... Read more

Efficient Drug Discovery Screening

2016 | Paul Blainey with Anthony Kulesa, Jared Kehe and, et al.

In the United States, antibiotic-resistant infections cause >23,000 deaths and $20-35 billion in direct healthcare costs. Modern biology... Read more

Targeted Electrochemical Water Remediation

2016 | Alan Hatton with Xiao Su

A particular challenge in wastewater treatment are extremely toxic pollutants and contaminants of emerging concern, often present at low levels and... Read more

Active Structural Batteries

2016 | Angela Belcher with Alan Ransil

Currently 60-90% of the weight of the battery package in an electric car or an Unmanned Aerial Vehicle (UAV) is inactive - does not contribute to... Read more

Mucin-inspired Agents to Manage Infections

2016 | Katharina Ribbeck with Kelsey Wheeler and Bradley, et al.

The global rise of antibiotic resistance presents a clear danger and urges the development of innovative approaches to treat and prevent... Read more