IdeaStream 2020 was held online May 13-14, 2020. You can view individual presentations below.

Early Detection System for Crop Pathosystems | Maxwell Robinson of the Karen Gleason Lab, Department of Chemical Engineering, J-WAFS project

Producing E. coli Test Kits in Nepal | Bidusha Poudyal with Susan Murcott of D-Lab, J-WAFS project

On-Site Soil Nutrient Analysis System for Smallholder Farmers | Michael Arnold of the John Hart Mechanosynthesis Group, Department of Mechanical Engineering, J-WAFS project

Antimicrobial & Easy-Care SmartPE Fabrics | Dr. Svetlana V. Boriskina, Department of Mechanical Engineering

Reducing Runoff and Environmental Impact of Agricultural Sprays | Professor Kripa Varanasi, Department of Mechanical Engineering, J-WAFS project

Robust Anti-Fouling Ultrafiltration Membranes | Brendan Smith of the Jeffrey Grossman Lab, Department of Materials Science and Engineering

Polymer Membranes with Exceptional Performance and Stability | Francesco Benedetti of the Zachary Smith Research Lab, Department of Chemical Engineering

Acoustic Fluid Level Detection for Wells | Sebastien Mannai with Professor Choon Tan, Department of Aeronautics & Astronautics

Programmable Lithography Masks | Aik Jun Tan of the Geoffrey Beach Group, Department of Materials Science 

Learned Control, or Deep Reinforcement Learning for Reducing Time to Market of New Products | Professor Brian Anthony, Department of Mechanical Engineering

Combinatorial Engineering of Chimeric Antigen Receptors | Taeyoon Kyung of the Michael Birnbaum Lab, Department of Biological Engineering

Polymer-Drug Conjugate for Osteoarthritis | Brandon Johnston of the Paula Hammond Lab, Departments of Chemical Engineering and Biological Engineering 

Bottlebrush Pro-Drugs: A Platform for Controlled Modulation of the Immune System | Sachin Bhagchandani of the Jeremiah Johnson Research Group, Department of Chemistry

Rapid, Target-Directed Antimalarial Drug Discovery | Charisse Flerida Pasaje of the Jacquin Niles Laboratory, Department of Biological Engineering

Engineered Binding Proteins as Replacements for Antibodies in Immunoassays | Eric Miller of the Hadley D. Sikes Lab, Department of Chemical Engineering

Multiplexed Measurement of miRNA in Tissue Sections | Maxwell Nagarajan of the Patrick Doyle Research Group, Department of Chemical Engineering, with Frank Slack of the Beth Israel Deaconess Medical Center

On-Chip Raman Spectroscopic Sensors for Chemical and Biological Sensing | Jérôme Michon of the Juejun Hu Research Group, Department of Materials Science and Engineering

Artificial Axons as a Myelination Assay for Drug Screening in Neurological Diseases | Anna Jagielska of the Krystyn Van Vliet Laboratory for Material Chemomechanics, Department of Materials Science and Engineering

High-Strength Tape for Surgical Sealing | Hyunwoo Yuk of the Xuanhe Zhao Lab, Department of Mechanical Engineering, with Christoph Nabzdyk of the Mayo Clinic

To view the agenda, please visit the event site: https://cvent.me/KbElM5

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