Active Projects

Exceedingly Small Iron Oxide Nanoparticles as T1...

2014 | Moungi Bawendi with Oliver Bruns, Jose Cordero, Eric, et al.

This project aims to produce a contrast agent with similar properties to GBCA (gadolinium based contrast agents) but with less toxicity. These new... Read more

GaN High Efficiency Transmitters for Wireless...

2014 | Tomas Palacios and Mihai Sanduleanu with Daniel Piedra, et al.

The project proposes to push the state-of-the-art in RF electronics through a novel highly integrated GaN digital transmitter solution with a record... Read more

Waterproof & Smart Fabrics Using Symmetry-...

2014 | Kripa Varanasi with Taylor Farnham, Henri Girard, Karen, et al.

The current solutions for waterproof textiles are based on hydrophobic membranes or modifiers and are environmentally unfriendly. This project... Read more