Active Projects

Development of synthetic substrates for...

2017 | Linda Griffith, Paula Hammond with Marianna Sofman

As the prevalence of neurodegenerative diseases continues to grow, there has been increased attention towards advancing stem cell therapies. This... Read more

Non-invasive hydration sensor for elderly care

2017 | Luca Daniel and Martha Gray with Ian Butterworth and, et al.

Particularly in older people, dehydration is the spark that can initiate dire clinical consequences, including falls, kidney failure, and increased... Read more

Solid-state color pixel for e-paper displays

2017 | Geoff Beach with Mantao Huang

E-paper consumes minimal power and is more comfortable to read than light-emitting displays. However, existing technologies use fluid-based cells... Read more

Reducing runoff and environmental impact of...

2017 | Kripa Varanasi with Maxime Costalonga and David Kang

This project is developing novel spray formulations to improve the application of agricultural pesticides. These new formulations enable the... Read more

Developing intelligent selective electrodialysis...

2017 | John Lienhard with Kishor Nayar and Amit Kumar

Intelligent Selective Electrodialysis (ISED) can selectively remove monovalent ions from a water stream, tailoring waters for specific applications... Read more

Digital tools for in-field data collection

2016 | Chris Zegras with Daniel Heriberto Palencia Arreola and, et al.

The promise of “big data” does not ensure that the right data will make it into the right hands to solve today’s urban challenges. Flocktracker... Read more

Low-cost water filter using sapwood xylem

2016 | Rohit Karnik and Amy Smith with Krithika Ramchander, et al.

This project explores a novel approach to address the largely unmet need for providing safe and affordable drinking water to low-income groups by... Read more

Novel approaches to antibody-drug conjugates

2015 | Stephen Buchwald and Bradley Pentelute with Timothy, et al.

Antibody-Drug Conjugates (ADCs) for cancer therapy are synthesized by attaching cytotoxic small molecule drugs to monoclonal antibodies, using... Read more