Active Projects

Low-Cost Water Filter Using Sapwood Xylem

2016 | Rohit Karnik and Amy Smith with Krithika Ramchander, et al.

This project explores a novel approach to address the largely unmet need for providing safe and affordable drinking water to low-income groups by... Read more

Convection Enhanced Electrochemical Energy Storage

2016 | Fikile Brushett with Thomas Carney

Modern enclosed rechargeable batteries are generally limited in performance because inactive components occupy a majority of the battery weight and... Read more

Rapid Detection of Pathogenic Bacteria

2016 | Timothy Swager and Alexander Klibanov with Kent Harvey, et al.

Foodborne illnesses can lead to human sufferings, expensive medical treatments, lawsuits, government sanctions, product recalls, tarnished corporate... Read more

A Multiplex, Nanosensor Platform for the Real Time...

2015 | Michael Strano and Anthony Sinskey with Ivy Dong, et al.

Food and water safety requires real-time monitoring of contaminants at the point of use. This project seeks to develop a single integrated platform... Read more

WiFi Based Indoor Positioning Platform

2015 | Daniela Rus and Dina Katabi with Joe DelPreto, David, et al.

While GPS has revolutionized positioning, it does not work indoors. This project is developing an indoor positioning platform that is compatible with... Read more

Exploring the Therapeutic Potential of Small...

2015 | Angela Koehler with Francisco Caballero and Eric Stefan

Controlling the function of overactive transcription factors is an emerging therapeutic stress strategy in oncology. The team has identified... Read more

The Nanosatellite Optical Downlink Experiment (NODE)

2015 | Kerri Cahoy with Raichelle Aniceto, James Clark, Andrew, et al.

The team will develop a miniature, low-cost, free space optical communications terminal for small satellites, such as CubeSats. The system will be... Read more

Novel Approaches to Antibody-Drug Conjugates

2015 | Stephen Buchwald and Bradley Pentelute with Timothy, et al.

Antibody-Drug Conjugates (ADCs) for cancer therapy are synthesized by attaching cytotoxic small molecule drugs to monoclonal antibodies, using... Read more