TARIS Biomedical

TARIS BiomedicalĀ® is a product-focused drug delivery company treating genitourinary conditions with deep domain expertise in the local delivery and sustained release of therapeutics to target tissues.

TARIS is focused on developing a pipeline of novel therapeutics designed to leverage common, minimally invasive urologic procedures to deliver and maintain therapeutic drug levels in target tissues. The TARIS core technology and development efforts are being applied to disease areas with high unmet medical need in which current therapies or systemic treatments have failed, with an initial focus on the genitourinary system, specifically for the treatment of bladder diseases. It's most advanced product candidate LiRISĀ® is currently in clinical development for the treatment of interstitial cystitis (IC).

For the story of the Deshpande Center project that became TARIS Biomedical, see Case Studies.

This company is a spinout of the 2006 project, Medicine delivery method for bladder disorders. In December 2019, TARIS was acquired by Johnson & Johnson.