Past Projects

Tissue Engineering

2002 | Robert Langer and Elazer Edelman

Restoring, maintaining and improving tissue function has enormous market potential. In fact, it's estimated to be $80 billion annually in the USA... Read more

Carbon Nanotube Manufacturing

2002 | Sang-Gook Kim

After a decade of research, scientists know that carbon nanotubes hold the promise of creating novel devices such as single-electron transistors,... Read more

Automatically Generated System Specs

2002 | Michael Ernst

Complex systems are notoriously difficult to understand, control, and modify. And software systems pose a particular problem, because of their large... Read more

Label-free Detection Of Proteins

2002 | Scott R. Manalis and Alexander M. Klibanov

Whereas enormous strides have been made in detecting the makeup of DNA, the ability to selectively detect proteins remains fairly limited. This... Read more

The Nanogate: A Tunable MEMS LC Filter

2002 | Alexander Slocum and Jeffrey Lang

The Nanogate is a MEMS device capable of nanometer-scale control over separation of two millimeter-scale polished surfaces, resulting in aspect... Read more