Past Projects

Low-Cost Continuous Drug Delivery

2007 | Yet-Ming Chiang and Michael Cima

The effectiveness of parenteral drugs for chronic conditions may be increased by delivery via portable infusion pumps. The high cost, complexity and... Read more

Medicine delivery method for bladder disorders

2006 | Michael Cima

Bladder disorders,  from incontinence to interstitial cystitis to cancer, affect more than 33 million people in the United States alone. Even the... Read more

Human liver models for faster, safer drug...

2006 | Team: Sangeeta Bhatia with Salman Khetani

Each new pharmaceutical drug costs roughly $1 billion to develop, and late-stage failures, such as Vioxx and Rezulin, are dangerous and enormously... Read more

High- Throughput Dense Wireless Networks

2006 | Dina Katabi

Wireless networks are increasingly critical to modern communications, from cellular phones to distributed sensors and emailing from the local coffee... Read more

High-Amperage Energy Storage Device

2006 | Team: Donald Sadoway with David Bradwell

Large-scale storage of electrical energy is a huge problem in an array of fields from leveling loads on power grids to providing uninterruptible... Read more

Improved Safety Helmets

2006 | Laurence Young

Sports-related and industrial head injuries are a well-known and serious problem. While foam-lined helmets help curb head injuries dramatically, foam... Read more

Device for Sensing Tissues and Tissue Compartments

2006 | Alexander Slocum, Omid Farokhzad, and Jeff Karp

Inserting needles for catheter placement into the human body is one of the most common medical procedures performed on millions of people annually in... Read more

Next-generation data transformation tool

2006 | Michael Stonebraker

A fundamental problem for large enterprises revolves around converting data from various representations inside the logic of business units to one... Read more

Low-cost electricity-free incubation

2006 | Team: Amy Smith with Sarah Bird

Incubators are required for many basic public health tasks such as water quality testing and laboratory diagnosis of diseases such as pneumonia. In... Read more

Novel light-emitting devices take flat-panel...

2005 | Team: Vladimir Bulovic with Seth Coe-Sullivan

Flat-panel displays constitute a $35 billion-per-year worldwide market that is growing more than 20 percent annually. While LCD (liquid crystal... Read more

From bulk compounds to fine chemicals in one step

2005 | TImothy Jamison

The fine chemicals industry is a multi-trillion-dollar world market that is presently growing in tandem with one of its biggest customers, the... Read more

Catalytic particles for rapid decontamination in...

2005 | T. Alan Hatton

The removal of toxic and irritating gases, aerosols, or vapors from air is commonly achieved by the use of carbon filters. But these filters, used in... Read more

Smarter drug delivery via tunable implant coatings

2005 | Paula Hammond

Smart drug delivery — the release of drugs when and where they are needed in the body — is the promise of several recent technologies, including... Read more

Novel conductors for flexible, robust electronic...

2005 | Karen Gleason

The standard transparent conducting electrode material for displays and other electronics, indium tin oxide (ITO), is brittle and cracks easily upon... Read more

Realizing modern medicine's dream of immediate...

2005 | Rutledge Ellis-Behnke

Hemostasis, or the cessation of blood loss, is a major challenge confronting healthcare providers on the battlefield, in the ambulance or emergency... Read more

Finding early-stage cancers using novel contrast...

2005 | Clark Colton

Cancer deaths could be dramatically reduced with improved medical imaging techniques for detecting early-stage tumors. While current techniques—MRI (... Read more

Nanotechnology process enables fast discovery of...

2005 | Angela Belcher, David Clapham and Davide Marini

Embedded in the membranes of all living cells, ion channels are specialized, transistor-like proteins that transmit electrical signals necessary for... Read more

Low-cost multispectral infrared detector arrays

2005 | Lionel Kimerling and Anuradha Murthy Agarwal

Many defense programs, such as military night-vision applications, use infrared focal plane arrays (FPAs) for detection and intelligence. These... Read more

Short-warp weaving for fast-changing fashions

2005 | Samir Nayfeh

Profitability in the upscale apparel market depends greatly on production meeting rapidly changing demand for new fashions and styles. But fabric... Read more

Contact printing - bridging nano-lithography with...

2005 | Francesco Stellacci

Nano-devices are the wave of the future, but creating them remains an extremely slow process. This project seeks to develop a new method called nano-... Read more