Past Projects

Globally Optimal Engineering System Design

2014 | Marc Baldo with Paul Azunre

The design of thin film optical interference coatings remains more art than science. This project is developing the first algorithm which can... Read more

Scalable Photonic Links for Ethernet Systems

2013 | Team: Michael Watts with Jonathan Bradley, Michele, et al.

Network limitations can have an adverse affect on the performance of large-scale computing systems such as data centers. This project will integrate... Read more

Shape Memory Ceramic Actuators

2013 | Team: Chris Schuh with Alan Lai

Shape memory materials are solid state actuators that can produce both large forces and displacements, making them ideal materials for actuation... Read more

Fast Flow Peptides

2013 | Team: Bradley Pentelute and Klavs Jensen with Andrea, et al.

Peptides are an important and growing area of therapeutics. The development of peptide-based pharmaceuticals requires the synthesis of custom peptide... Read more

A Platform for Multi-Material Fabrication

2013 | Team: Wojciech Matusik with Desai Chen, Moira Forberg, et al.

Current multi-material additive manufacturing systems have many limitations with regards to both software and hardware. This project proposes to... Read more

High Resolution Digital Printing of Particulate...

2013 | Team: John Hart with Justin Beroz

There is a growing need for innovative printing technologies that can adapt to emerging electronic and biological materials, with compatibility to... Read more

Nanoporous thin films for water desalination and...

2013 | Team: Jeff Grossman with David Cohen-Tanugi, Shreya, et al.

The project focuses on the development of graphene nanoporous thin-films (NTFs), which promise significant value for the fields of water desalination... Read more

Ultrasensitive Noninvasive Disease Monitoring...

2013 | Team: Sangeeta Bhatia with Gabe Kwong, David Lee and, et al.

This project will leverage advances in nanotechnology to allow disease-specific enzymes to generate highly predictive ‘synthetic biomarkers’ that... Read more

Sensors for Food and Agriculture: Selectivity for...

2013 | Team: Tim Swager with Joe Azzarelli, Brendon Deveney, et al.

Gases emitted by plants indicate the ripeness of produce. An inexpensive low power gas sensor would improve economics by optimizing the harvest,... Read more

eyeMITRA: Feature Revealing Computational Retinal...

2013 | Team: Ramesh Raskar with Amy Canham, Everett Lawson, et al.

Early detection of diabetic retinopathy allows treatment that can prevent blindness. The high cost of retinal imaging devices and the expertise... Read more

Getting a better grip on surfaces: Addressable N-...

2013 | Team: Jeremiah Johnson with Michelle MacLeod, Michael, et al.

This project is developing a new methodology for attaching materials for surfaces using carbene molecules. The technology has applicability in the... Read more

Drug Delivery System for Treating Post Traumatic...

2013 | Team: Alan Grodzinsky and Ambika Bajpayee with Chris, et al.

Joint trauma can injure cartilage and lead to osteoarthritis within 10 to 15 years. Treating the joint and cartilage immediately after the injury... Read more

Medication Dispensing Intraocular Lens (mdIOL) for...

2012 | Team: Paula Hammond and Kenneth Mandell with Myoung, et al.

Cataract surgery patients need to administer medication, using eye drops, for several weeks after a new lens is implanted. This project is developing... Read more

Ensemble-based Processing of Noisy Images

2012 | Team: Dennis McLaughlin with Rafal Wojcik

Many imaging systems used in geology, medicine and industry provide images that are "noisy" and imprecise. This project will allow useful information... Read more

Enabling Big Computation on Big Data for Business...

2012 | Team: Alan Edelman with Jeff Bezanson, Stefan Karpinski, et al.

As more and more data is generated, the analysis of the data becomes daunting and requires complex tools and programming. This project is developing... Read more

Targeting Oral Cancer

2012 | Team: Manijeh Goldberg with Erkin Ayden, Kuan Chen, and, et al.

The current treatment of oral cancer is to intravenously administer a highly toxic chemotherapy drug with systemic side effects. This project is... Read more

Enabling the Oral Delivery of Macromolecules: The...

2011 | Team: Daniel Anderson with Carl Schoellhammer, Avi, et al.

The past two decades have witnessed a revolution in the development and successful implementation of macromolecules as drugs including, monoclonal... Read more

Treatment of water produced from shale gas...

2011 | Team: Gang Chen with Anurag Bajpayee

In hydraulic fracturing of shale gas, large quantities of highly saline water are produced. This water needs to be treated to remove the dissolved... Read more

Implantable Drug Delivery Device for Ovarian Cancer

2011 | Team: Michael Cima with Michael Birrer, Marcela, et al.

The delivery of chemotherapy drugs for ovarian cancer currently requires injecting the drugs via a catheter many times, over several weeks. The... Read more

High resolution simulations for system analysis

2011 | Team: Anthony Patera with Phuong Huynh, David Knezevic, et al.

New generation of computer simulations that are component-­based, parametrized and fast. The underlying technology accelerates high resolution finite... Read more