Past Projects

Digital 3D Printing of Microparticles

2017 | John Hart with Justin Beroz and Ulrich Muecke 

On-demand production, especially for complex and high value parts, would be valuable to many industries. Additive manufacturing processes broadly aim... Read more

Field-scale Quality Assurance in India’s Dairy...

2017 | Sanjay Sarma with Pranay Jain

Milk procurement in India’s dairy industry is complicated, uncontrolled, and vulnerable to tampering.  The safety and quality of milk products are... Read more

Floating Solar Receivers for Distributed...

2016 | Gang Chen with Svetlana V. Boriskina, Thomas Cooper and, et al.

Increasingly, communities are turning to seawater desalination to manage intense droughts and satisfy growing freshwater demand. This project... Read more

Plastics for Thermal Management

2016 | Gang Chen with Yanfei Zu and Jiawei Zhou

Polymers have low thermal conductivities and are not used to transfer heat.  However, high thermal conductivity plastics have been developed in the... Read more

Non-invasive white cell count prototype

2016 | Martha Gray with Carlos Castro-Gonzalez

Several chemotherapy regimens yield better survival when administered with higher frequency and dose.  However, because chemotherapy administration... Read more

Targeted Electrochemical Water Remediation

2016 | Alan Hatton with Xiao Su

A particular challenge in wastewater treatment are extremely toxic pollutants and contaminants of emerging concern, often present at low levels and... Read more

Mucin-inspired Agents to Manage Infections

2016 | Katharina Ribbeck with Kelsey Wheeler and Bradley, et al.

The global rise of antibiotic resistance presents a clear danger and urges the development of innovative approaches to treat and prevent... Read more

Rapid Detection of Pathogenic Bacteria

2016 | Timothy Swager and Alexander Klibanov with Kent Harvey, et al.

Foodborne illnesses can lead to human sufferings, expensive medical treatments, lawsuits, government sanctions, product recalls, tarnished corporate... Read more

A Multiplex, Nanosensor Platform for the Real Time...

2015 | Michael Strano and Anthony Sinskey with Ivy Dong, et al.

Food and water safety requires real-time monitoring of contaminants at the point of use. This project seeks to develop a single integrated platform... Read more

Fouling Resistant Nanoporous Membranes

2015 | Jeffrey Grossman with Shreya Dave, Jatin Patil, and, et al.

A water treatment plant needs to significantly pre-treat feed water before it reaches the fragile separation membranes that remove salt or other... Read more

Handling Assembly of Ultra-thin Silicon Membranes

2015 | Henry Smith and Paul Lozano with Ash Dyer, Dakota, et al.

3D integrated electronic components require the stacking of thin layers of semiconductors. Manufacturing of such devices is very difficult as the... Read more

WiFi Based Indoor Positioning Platform

2015 | Daniela Rus and Dina Katabi with Joe DelPreto, David, et al.

While GPS has revolutionized positioning, it does not work indoors. This project is developing an indoor positioning platform that is compatible with... Read more

Platform Device for Non-Invasive Gastrointestinal...

2015 | Timothy Lu with Mark Mimee, Isaak Mueller, and Jacob, et al.

This device will enable the detection and reporting of gastrointestinal disease biomarkers in a non-invasive and near-real-time fashion, thus... Read more

Exploring the Therapeutic Potential of Small...

2015 | Angela Koehler with Francisco Caballero and Eric Stefan

Controlling the function of overactive transcription factors is an emerging therapeutic stress strategy in oncology. The team has identified... Read more

Effective PTSD Drug Therapy

2015 | Ki Goosens with Vikash Mansinghka and Mireya Nadal, et al.

The team has shown that the stress hormone, ghrelin, plays a key role in post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD). This project will focus on... Read more

Color and Motion Magnification

2015 | Fredo Durand and William Freeman with Justin Chen, Abe, et al.

This project has developed an algorithm that reveals small motions of small changes in color within a video. The team plans to develop easy-to-use... Read more

The Nanosatellite Optical Downlink Experiment (NODE)

2015 | Kerri Cahoy with Raichelle Aniceto, James Clark, Andrew, et al.

The team will develop a miniature, low-cost, free space optical communications terminal for small satellites, such as CubeSats. The system will be... Read more

Drug-eluting Platform Device to Locally Treat...

2014 | Elazer Edelman with Laura Indolfi and David Ting

Pancreatic cancer is a devastating therapy-resistant disease. By locally delivering a large amount of drugs directly into a tumor mass via devices,... Read more

Exceedingly Small Iron Oxide Nanoparticles as T1...

2014 | Moungi Bawendi with Oliver Bruns, Jose Cordero, Eric, et al.

This project aims to produce a contrast agent with similar properties to GBCA (gadolinium based contrast agents) but with less toxicity. These new... Read more

Waterproof & Smart Fabrics Using Symmetry-...

2014 | Kripa Varanasi with Taylor Farnham, Henri Girard, Karen, et al.

The current solutions for waterproof textiles are based on hydrophobic membranes or modifiers and are environmentally unfriendly. This project... Read more