Active Projects

Rapid diagnosis of bacterial infection via volatile...

2019 | Max Shulaker with Eric Rosenberg

Early diagnosis of the specific type of bacterial infection is critical in improving clinical outcomes: early initiation of appropriate antibiotic... Read more

Artificial axons as a myelination assay for drug...

2019 | Krystyn Van Vliet and Nicholas Fang with Anna Jagielska, et al.

Finding cures for neurological diseases is challenging. Most drug candidates fail in clinical trials, in part due to the lack of adequate in vitro... Read more

Rapid, target-directed antimalarial drug discovery

2019 | Jacquin C. Niles with Mai Nakashima, Khan T. Osman &, et al.

Malaria remains a major global human health problem. With no efficacious vaccine available, the disease is treated using antimalarial drugs to which... Read more

Multiplexed measurement of miRNA in tissue sections

2019 | Patrick Doyle & Frank Slack with Maxwell Nagarajan

Spatially-resolved gene expression patterns are emerging as a key component of medical studies, including companion diagnostics, yet technologies... Read more

Combinatorial engineering of CAR receptors

2019 | Michael Birnbaum with Taeyoon Kyung, Michael Hemann &, et al.

Chimeric antigen receptor (CAR) T cell therapies have shown success treating blood cancers such as lymphomas and leukemias, however they have not... Read more

Polymer-drug conjugate for osteoarthritis

2019 | Paula Hammond & Alan Grodzinsky with Brett Geiger &, et al.

Osteoarthritis affects 30 million Americans, however, there exists no drug that can slow disease progression. This project is developing a... Read more

High-strength tape for surgical sealing

2019 | Xuanhe Zhao & Christoph Nabzdyk with Hyunwoo Yuk

The removal of diseased tissue and the re-connection of the remaining healthy tissues (anastomosis) are cornerstones of surgery. Rates of tissue... Read more

Antimicrobial & easy-care SmartPE fabrics

2019 | Svetlana V. Boriskina & Gang Chen with Marcelo Lozano &, et al.

Conventional fabrics absorb body heat and perspiration, providing fertile ground for bacterial growth. Textile production pollutes water with... Read more

Acoustic fluid level detection for wells

2019 | Choon Tan with Sebastien Mannai

Over-pumping is a key cause of oil well failures in the USA. Over-pumping also generates millions of tons of CO2 due to vented and flared natural gas... Read more

Polymer membranes with exceptional performance and...

2019 | Zachary Smith with Mason Wu, Timothy Swager, Sharon Lin, et al.

The development of polymeric materials for commercial membrane-based gas separations has stagnated for a quarter of a century. This project is... Read more

Robust anti-fouling ultrafiltration membranes

2018 | Jeffrey Grossman & Brendan Smith

Food and beverage, oil and gas, industrial waste treatment and biopharmaceutical industries separate chemicals either through distillation or using... Read more

In-line photonic Raman sensors for accelerated...

2018 | Juejun Hu with Derek Kita & Jerome Michon

The rising cost of bringing a new drug to market has increased the pressure to accelerate the pharmaceutical development cycle. Understanding and... Read more

Hydrogel for reducing immune-related adverse events...

2018 | Jeremiah Johnson with Sachin Bhagchandani & Farrukh, et al.

Cancer treatments, especially new immunotherapies, but also traditional chemotherapy, have adverse immune side effects. To reduce the side effects of... Read more

A novel prodrug platform as the next generation...

2018 | Jeremiah Johnson with Yivan Jiang, Hung Nguyen &, et al.

Multiple Myeloma (MM) is a deadly blood cancer that has 30,000 new diagnoses each year. In 2022, the market for treating this cancer is expected to... Read more

Biomass torrefaction for high-yield,...

2018 | Ahmed Ghoniem with Sonal Thengane & Kevin Kung

Many smallholder farmers in rural areas depend on costly, imported synthetic fertilizers that over the long term may acidify and degrade their soils... Read more

On-site soil nutrient analysis system for...

2018 | John Hart & Chintan Vaishnav with Michael Arnold

Soil nutrient deficiency is a primary cause of lower crop yields, especially for smallholder farmers. These nutrients can be added using fertilizer.... Read more

Producing E. coli test kits in Nepal

2018 | Jeffrey Ravel & Susan Murcott with Zahra Kanji

E. coli is a bacterium indicating fecal contamination in water that causes life-threatening diarrhea and dehydration in millions worldwide. In 2008,... Read more

Optically transparent thermally insulating...

2017 | Evelyn Wang, Gang Chen & Xuanhe Zhao with Elise, et al.

Every year, windows in the United States lose enough energy to power over 85 million homes. This wasted energy costs $20 billion and generates more... Read more

Engineered binding proteins as replacements for...

2017 | Hadley Sikes with Eric Miller & Ki Joo Sung

Protein biomarkers can be used to indicate illness and injury in humans and in organisms that are consumed as food. Assay development is limited by... Read more

Low-cost spectroscopy solutions for Raman sensing...

2017 | Rajeev Ram with Amir Atabaki

The cost and size of high-performance spectroscopy instruments often limits their application. This project leverages recent advances in photonic... Read more