Active Projects

Local hydrogel-mediated delivery of interventions...

2020 | Natalie Artzi with Henry Brem and Michelle Zarrella, et al.

This team focused on glioblastoma is developing injectable, adhesive hydrogels to mediate controlled local delivery of therapies. Read more

Solid-state drones

2020 | Steven Barrett & David Perreault

After demonstrating near-silent drone propulsion for brief flights, this project will focus on a small drone that flies for 10 to 30 minutes. Read more

Single-cell encapsulation methods for enhancing...

2020 | Ariel Furst with Chelsea Catania

This team is developing a self-assembling coating for the protection of microorganisms in the probiotics manufacturing process. Read more

Real-time speech modification system to enhance...

2020 | Satrajit Ghosh & Tod Machover with Rebecca Kleinberger

This team has developed a portable solution to reduce stuttering using novel alterations of auditory feedback during speech production. Read more

Noninvasive assessment of pulmonary edema using...

2020 | Polina Golland with Ruizhi Liao, Steven Horng, and Seth, et al.

This team uses machine learning algorithms to automatically assess the severity of pulmonary edema from chest X-ray images, providing a more complete... Read more

Automated human oocyte cryopreservation device

2020 | Linda Griffith & Scott Manalis with Max Stockslager

The project aims to design a fully automated oocyte vitrification system, capable of successfully repeating the vitrification process in a reliable... Read more

Ultrawide field-of-view metasurface flat-optics...

2020 | Juejun Hu & Tian Gu with Mikhail Shalaginov

This project is developing novel metasurface flat optics for ultra-compact, high-performance optical imaging, sensing, projection, and display.  Read more

Cleavable additives for degradable, recyclable...

2020 | Jeremiah Johnson with Peyton Shieh and Keith Husted

This team is developing recyclable versions of existing high-performance thermosets by incorporating small quantities of a degradable co-monomer. Read more

Augmentative communication technologies using...

2020 | Pattie Maes & Rosalind Picard with Jaya Narain, et al.

This project is developing a full-feedback augmentative-communication system, using a database of vocalizations from individuals and machine learning... Read more

Novel device for obstructive sleep apnea in Down...

2020 | Ellen Roche, Ravi Rasalingam & Tasha Ward with David, et al.

This team has created a custom-fit oral prosthesis that stabilizes the mouth muscles and prevents obstruction of the airway at night. Read more

A prototype of low-cost aluminum molten salt...

2020 | Donald Sadoway with Ji Zhao and Sherrie Qian

This team aims to demonstrate a prototype of a radically new battery based on aluminum metal and common molten salt. Read more

Wide-field-of-view chip-scale LiDAR for autonomous...

2020 | Marin Soljačić

 This team is developing a next-generation LiDAR sensor that will enable autonomous machines and vehicles to see and navigate. Read more

Point-of-care integrated sample-sparing system for...

2020 | Joel Voldman with Bruce Levy, Rebecca Baron, and, et al.

This sepsis project aims to create a portable automated prototype system suitable for obtaining large-scale data from human disease samples. Read more

Rapid diagnosis of bacterial infection via volatile...

2019 | Max Shulaker with Eric Rosenberg

Early diagnosis of the specific type of bacterial infection is critical in improving clinical outcomes: early initiation of appropriate antibiotic... Read more

Artificial axons as a myelination assay for drug...

2019 | Krystyn Van Vliet & Nicholas Fang with Anna Jagielska, et al.

Finding cures for neurological diseases is challenging. Most drug candidates fail in clinical trials, in part due to the lack of adequate in vitro... Read more

Rapid, target-directed antimalarial drug discovery

2019 | Jacquin C. Niles with Mai Nakashima, Khan T. Osman &, et al.

Malaria remains a major global human health problem. With no efficacious vaccine available, the disease is treated using antimalarial drugs to which... Read more

Multiplexed measurement of miRNA in tissue sections

2019 | Patrick Doyle & Frank Slack with Maxwell Nagarajan

Spatially-resolved gene expression patterns are emerging as a key component of medical studies, including companion diagnostics, yet technologies... Read more

Combinatorial engineering of Chimeric Antigen...

2019 | Michael Birnbaum with Taeyoon Kyung, Michael Hemann &, et al.

Chimeric antigen receptor (CAR) T cell therapies have shown success treating blood cancers such as lymphomas and leukemias, however they have not... Read more

Polymer-drug conjugate for osteoarthritis

2019 | Paula Hammond & Alan Grodzinsky with Brandon Johnston

Osteoarthritis affects 30 million Americans, however, there exists no drug that can slow disease progression. This project is developing a... Read more

High-strength tape for surgical sealing

2019 | Xuanhe Zhao & Christoph Nabzdyk with Hyunwoo Yuk

The removal of diseased tissue and the re-connection of the remaining healthy tissues (anastomosis) are cornerstones of surgery. Rates of tissue... Read more