MIT Deshpande Center Innovation Grant winner secures startup capital, forms 3-D imaging company

Three Leading Venture Firms Fund Commercial Development Of Brontes Technologies' Imaging Breakthrough

CAMBRIDGE, Mass. (October 18, 2004 ) -- A research team that was among the first to receive an Innovation Grant from MIT's Deshpande Center for Technological Innovation has formed a new company, Brontes Technologies, Inc. and raised its first round of financing from three top-tier venture capital firms. Bain Capital Ventures, Charles River Ventures, and IDG Ventures provided the first institutional funding for the company, which is developing a compact, portable, and highly versatile system capable of quantifiable three-dimensional imaging for a multitude of imaging applications.

"3-D technology has traditionally had numerous barriers that greatly limited its use," said Eric Paley, CEO and co-founder of the company. "Brontes Technologies intends to commercialize the innovations achieved during more than three years of research at MIT to break current market barriers with solutions that finally live up to the promise of 3-D imaging." Paley said the company expects to finish development of its system and begin outreach to potential customers in early 2006.

The MIT research team that developed the new technology was led by Professor Douglas Hart, Research Scientist; Dr. Janos Rohaly; and two PhD candidates; Federico Frigerio and Sheng Tan. After the team won the Deshpande Center Innovation Grant in October 2002, it recruited Paley and Micah Rosenbloom to evaluate the project's commercial potential, develop a business plan, and raise capital. The team subsequently tapped other Deshpande Center resources for advice on protection of intellectual property, help with market research and development, and assistance in raising capital.

"Brontes is working with a truly innovative technology that can enable a vast array of potential applications," said Ted Dintersmith, general partner of Charles River Ventures. "The Brontes team combines the mix of business and technical excellence required to define new applications and deliver them rapidly to customers in markets where there is the greatest need."

Charles L. Cooney, faculty director of the Deshpande Center, said "with its fast start, Brontes Technologies has made the leap from research lab to new enterprise in exactly the way we envisioned when the Desphande Center was formed in 2002." Two of the four initial Deshpande Center Innovation Grant winners named in the first round of awards in October 2002 are now venture-backed companies. The other is Pervasis Therapeutics, a medical device technology funded with backing from Polaris Venture Partners and Flagship Ventures.

Brontes Technologies is based on Woburn, Massachusetts. Along with CEO Paley, other co-founders and members of the executive management team are: Micah Rosenbloom, chief operating officer; Professor Hart, inventor; Dr. Rohaly, chief scientist and inventor; and Steve Weeks, vice president of engineering.

The three venture capital firms backing Brontes Technologies are known for their success in backing successful new enterprises delivering valuable new commercial solutions based on research-driven technology breakthroughs. All have their headquarters in the Boston area.

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