Winter 2019 Newsletter

Spin-Out News

Privo Technologies Receives a $3M Award fromNational Cancer Institute

Privo Technologies has been selected for the prestigious Phase IIB Bridge Award from the National Cancer Institute (NCI). The NCI SBIR Bridge Award supports Privo's clinical trial for its nanotechnology-based treatment of oral cancer.

Glympse Bio, Inc. Raises $22m Series A Financing

Glympse Bio, Inc. announced that it has raised $22 million in Series A funding. The proceeds of this round will be devoted to conducting clinical trials for its novel platform which uses bioengineered activity sensors to non-invasively detect human diseases and to monitor drug response.

Akselos raised $10 million financing from Innogy Ventures & Shell Ventures and received a research grant of €1.4 million from the European Union

Innogy Ventures and Shell Ventures have provided $10 million in financing to predictive digital twin pioneer Akselos
The EU has provided a €1.4 million research grant to Akselos to try and slash the cost of wind power materials by 25%

Spin-Out Spotlight

Interview with Deshpande grantee & Kronos Bio scientific founder,Professor Angela Koehler on spinouts in Kendall Square

"Mentors at the Deshpande Center gave us critical advice on patents, hiring, the scope of what to commercialize, and what we needed to do on the academic side before discussions with outside funders,” 

MIT Technology Review, 35 Under 35 Shreya Dave, CEO Via Separations

Shreya Dave, a previous Deshpande Center grant recipient, was selected as a 35 under 35 innovator by Technology Review. Via Separations’ molecular filtration membranes would replace the current systems for separating chemical compounds in industrial processes, reducing the energy used by 50-90%. 

Grant Project News

Laser-pointing system could help tiny satellites transmit data to Earth

Professor Kerri Cahoy and her team developed a new laser-pointing platform that may help launch miniature satellites into the high-rate data game.

Inexpensive chip-based device may transform spectrometry

Professor Juejun Hu and his team are developing a tiny device could replace expensive lab-scale equipment for many applications.

New coating make natural fabrics waterproof

Professors Kripa Varanasi and Karen Gleason's process could offer nontoxic alternative to environmentally harmful chemicals. The coating adds water-repellency to natural fabrics and is more effective than the existing coatings.

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