Winter 2018 Newsletter

Spin Out News

TARIS Biomedical Announces $25M Series B Financing
TARIS Biomedical LLC, a Deshpande spin-out developing targeted new therapies for millions of patients suffering from difficult-to-treat bladder diseases, announced that it has raised $25M in a Series B financing. 
TARIS also Announces a Clinical Trial Collaboration with Bristol-Myers Squibb 
TARIS Biomedical LLC and Bristol-Myers Squibb announced that the companies have entered into a clinical trial collaboration for the treatment of Muscle Invasive Bladder Cancer. 
1366 Technology Raises $9M Series D and installs solar wafer system
1366 Technologies, a Deshpande spin-out with a more efficient way of manufacturing silicon solar panels, has raised additional funding to grow their manufacturing capability. In 2017, the company also installed its first commercial solar array.
Gradiant Expands into Water Treatment for Textiles
Deshpande Center spin-out, Gradiant Corporation announced their collaboration with Hong Kong based Esquel Group, the world's largest woven shirt manufacturer. The partnership will allow Gradiant to expedite commercialization of their advanced water treatment solutions within the textile market. 

Grant Project News

Professor Kripa Varanasi, co-founder of LiquiGlide, a Deshpande Center spin-out, discusses their technology platform on PBS News Hour.
LiquiGlide has developed coatings that render surfaces extremely slippery, allowing viscous products to emerge easily from containers.
A Veterinarian Walks Into MIT...
Galit Frydman, a current member of grant project team "Bedside Testing of Coagulation Function and Biomarkers", talks to Timothy Fessenden with Glimpse Podcast about her background as a veterinarian, getting her PhD at MIT and her current research.

Upcoming Events

IdeaStream - April 13, 2018

The Deshpande Center is holding its annual IdeaStream on April 13th, 2018 in Cambridge showcasing its active projects. Current grantee teams will be giving short presentations along with poster sessions. The thought-provoking program includes presentation topics ranging from energy, food and water to healthcare and IT/Communications. 
Interested in attending? Contact us at