Winter 2017 Newsletter

Spin Out News

New contrast agents for MRI being developed by Deshpande funded project team led by Professor Moungi Bawendi

A new, specially coated iron oxide nanoparticle could provide an alternative to conventional gadolinium-based contrast agents used for magnetic resonance imaging (MRI) procedures. These new contrast agents will be safer than gadolinium contrast agents for patients with impaired kidney function. Read full article.
Deshpande spinout Ambri solves seal problem and shows fully functioning battery

Even when a project spins out of MIT into a company the road to an innovative product has some bumps in it.  A few years ago the team at Ambri developing their grid storage battery ran into a vexing problem sealing their high temperature batteries. That problem is now solved. Read more. 
Paper on New optimization technique by Deshpande Grantee Dr. Paul Azunre
A paper published in Optimal Control Applications and Methods, describes two novel techniques for bounding the solutions of parametric weakly coupled second-order semilinear parabolic partial differential equations.  These techniques can be used to develop better optimized solutions for medical, optical and energy devices.

Upcoming Events

IdeaStream 2017 to be held on March 31st

The Deshpande Center is holding its annual IdeaStream on March 31st  in Cambridge showcasing its active projects. Current grantee teams will be giving short presentations along with poster sessions. The thought-provoking program includes presentation topics ranging from energy, food and water to healthcare and IT/Communications.
Interested in attending? Contact us at
Deshpande Center issues call for proposals for Fall 2017 grant cycle
The Deshpande Center has issued its call for proposals for its 2017 grant cycle.  MIT faculty with PI status are eligible to apply.  Proposals are due by March 27th. Details Here.
The Center has also issued a call for JWAFS-Solutions grants for projects focused on food and water.  Proposals are due by March 27th.