May 2013 Newsletter

There's Already A Plan To Fix Your Smartphone's Terrible Battery Life

Deshpande spinout, Eta Devices, is working on a process by which phones can use current battery power more efficiently. Depending on use, your smartphone battery will last longer between charges. Read more.

A new kind of chemical 'glue'

2012 grantee, Jeremiah Johnson, has been conducting research on attaching molecules to metal surfaces that could have practical use in multiple fields including electronics and medicine. Read more.

Quantum dot displays make your TV brighter than ever

The first ever TVs with quantum dot display technology reached stores in May. Deshpande spinout, QD Vision, is the company behind it. Read more.

IdeaStream 2013 Videos

If you were not at IdeaStream, or you would like to see the presentations again, videos are now available on our website. Clink on the video tab on the IdeaStream 2013 page to watch them.